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The Retail Industry Portal provides access to the many programs and resources available to help prevent and resolve environmental issues at retail establishments. Two types of resources are available:

  • Compliance Resources: Help you meet current regulatory obligations. In addition to Federal regulations, state regulations may also apply to your business activities. Not complying with regulatory obligations can result in enforcement actions.

  • Sustainability Resources: Help you voluntarily go beyond regulatory obligations to protect the environment.

New Buildings and Infrastructure

Find compliance resources to manage your: construction & demolition activities, refrigeration/refrigerants, asbestos and septic systems.  Also, find information to create and maintain environmentally responsible and resource-efficient buildings.

Facilities Management

Find compliance and sustainability resources for your facility management activities.  Topics include energy, fats oils and grease, landscaping, pesticides, refrigeration and air conditioning, recycling, and more.

Waste/Materials Management | Tanks/Containers

Transportation Logistics/Supply Chain

Be aware of regulations that apply to the service and repair of motor vehicle fleets and anti-idling laws.  Find resources to reduce the environmental impact of your transportation related activities.

Merchandising: Products/Packaging

Understand the regulations that apply to the products that you may import or sell.  Find products to supply that are more energy efficient, made with fewer toxic components, optimize material use and are recyclable.

Customer Programs/Services

Find compliance and sustainability information for services you provide to your customers, including: automotive service; manicure/pedicures; food service; home renovations; photo development; in-store take back programs; refrigerant reclamation; and recycling.



EPA requires timely reporting from the entities it regulates. These reports come in a variety of forms and cover a variety of topics, from oil spills to the release of dangerous substances into the water or air.

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