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Water Management
Compliance Resources

  • Stormwater: Generally, the Clean Water Act does not require permit coverage for runoff from impervious areas although the Act does provide the authority for EPA or the states to permit such types of discharges on a case-by-case or categorical basis where these discharges are determined to be causing or contributing to violations of water quality standards or are significant contributors of pollutants to waters of the United States.
    • Construction activities
    • State regulations and resourcesExit EPA Disclaimer
    • Reporting: In states where EPA is the stormwater permitting authority, a construction Notice of Intent (NOI) must be received by the NOI Center before EPA will authorize coverage under the Construction General Permit (CGP). In states that have been authorized to implement the stormwater program, you must file an application with your state authorities to apply for an individual permit or for coverage under a statewide general permit.
  • WetlandsExit EPA Disclaimer: Most states have enacted laws and regulations to protect wetlands. In many cases, these rules are established to define the state's role in the §404 permit/§401 certification process.

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