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EPA-Expo-Box (A Toolbox for Exposure Assessors)

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Sources of contamination to soil, dust, water, and sediment are discussed in the Soil and Dust and Water and Sediment Modules in the Media Tool Set of EPA-Expo-Box. Media-specific concentrations are needed for estimating exposure via the dermal route. Data tools that provide concentrations—or techniques for measuring or modeling concentrations—of contaminants in these media as well as Consumer Products are discussed in the media-specific modules and are also summarized in the subsequent sections.

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Measuring Concentrations

Information on sampling techniques and analytical methods is available to support the measurement of contaminants in environmental media to which people may be exposed via dermal contact.

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Modeling Concentrations

In the absence of measurement data, a variety of models can be used to estimate contaminant concentrations in soil, dust, water, sediment, or other materials to which human receptors may be exposed via dermal contact. A number of resources are available to assist in these modeling efforts.

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Available Data

There are a number of information sources that provide monitoring data on contaminant concentrations in environmental media to which individuals might be exposed via dermal contact.

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