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Cleanup Technology & Tools
EPA and MultiAgency Cleanup Tools:  

Technical Support Document for the Development of Radionuclide Cleanup Levels for Soil

[EPA 402-R-96-011A]

Introduction and Table of Contents (75,304 bytes) 1/2/97 [about pdf format]

Document Chapters ( 3,280,292 bytes) 1/2/97 [about zip format]

  1. Magnitude of the Cleanup Problem
  2. Selection/Development of Exposure Scearios and Models
  3. Assessment of Model Parameters and Capabilities
  4. Development of Reference Sites
  5. Analysis of Reference Sites
  6. Discussion of Sensitivities and Uncertainties in Soil Cleanup Volumes and Health Impacts Averted
  7. Implementation Considerations
  8. References

Appendices A-J and O  (2,007,172 bytes 2/20/98) [about zip format]

       Appendix A. Footnotes for Table 1-2
Appendix B. Paramenter Values Used in Pathway/RiskValues
Appendix C. Modified RAGS HHEM Equations
Appendix D. Description of Terminology Used by the Census Bureau
Appendix E. Methodology for Deriving Population Impacts
Appendix F. Comparison of the Health Risks Arising from the Radiological and Chemical Toxicity of Uranium
Appendix G. PRESTO-CPG Imput Parameters
Appendix H. Results of RESRAD Version 5.19 Parameter Sensitivity Analyses
Appendix I. RAGS HHEM Uncertainty Analysis
Appendix J. Analysis of Aerial Radiologial Surveys
Appendix L. Graphical Results of Reference Site Analyses
Appendix N. Results of Population Modeling for Reference Sites
Appendix O. Background Radiation and Lower Limits of Detection

Appendix K Risk-Based Results from Reference Site Analyses of Site-Specific Risk Factors(11,199,927 bytes 1/2/97) [about zip format]

Appendix M Dose-Based Results from Reference Site Analyses (10,439,551 bytes 1/2/97) [about zip format]

Errata and Revised and Supplementary Data Tables
(157,383 bytes 3/3/99) [about zip format]



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