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Naturally-Occurring Radiation: 

Technologically-Enhanced, Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Materials

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Technologically-Enhanced, Naturally-Occurring Radioactive Material (TENORM) is produced when activities such as uranium mining, or sewage sludge treatment, concentrate or expose radioactive materials that occur naturally in ores, soils, water, or other natural materials.

EPA Will Be Reviewing and Potentially Revising its Health and Environmental Standards for Uranium and Thorium Milling Facilities

Draft Technical Report on Post-Closure Monitoring of ISL/ISR Sites


What TENORM is, why EPA is concerned about it, and what they are doing

Frequent Questions
Answers to common questions about TENORM

TENORM Sources
Products and processes that generate or contain TENORM
Summary Table
Overview of TENORM sources and quantities

Working with Other Organizations
EPA's joint efforts to address TENORM issues with other federal, state, and international organizations

Technical reports about TENORM generation, management, and treatment
Updated version of TENORM from Mining Wastes, Volume 2:  Investigation of Potential Health, Geographic, and Environmental Issues of Abandoned Uranium Mines now available.

Laws, Regulations, and Guidance
The legal documents that EPA can use to protect people and the environment from TENORM exposure

Key TENORM Contacts
Contact information for staff in EPA's Radiation Protection Program and EPA's Regional offices who are knowledgeable about TENORM

Related Links
TENORM-related information on other Web sites

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