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Environmental Requirements



  1. Drawings and general provisions of Contract, including General and Supplementary Conditions and other Division-1 Specification sections, apply to this section, as well as individual specifications


  1. This is an overview of the environmental requirements of this project. It is the goal of EPA to integrate the Agency's mission into this project as much as feasible and practical; i.e., to construct a "green" building

  2. Objectives: Major components of the green effort include pollution prevention and good Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

    1. Pollution prevention is achieved through use of recycled materials and materials from sustainably managed forests, specification of energy efficient equipment and fixtures, waste handling procedures, and limiting the pollutants emitted into the air, soil, and waterways. The specifications included for this project incorporate pollution prevention measures in each section

    2. Maximum indoor air concentrations of certain pollutants have been established. Concentrations must be at or below these standards prior to building acceptance. Baseline testing for these pollutants is outlined in Division 15 "Testing, Adjusting and Balancing"

    3. A materials log book is required that includes MSDS sheets and additional information on chemical content of selected materials, including Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC) in terms of grams per liter (g/L). This log book shall be maintained by the contractor throughout the life of the project, shall be updated monthly to include any newly approved products, shall be available at all times to the Contracting Officer's Representative, and shall be submitted at the conclusion of construction

    4. Materials emission testing is required of four finish materials. These materials have been selected based on their volume of use in the facility and potential for impacting IAQ. Other materials may be tested, at the contractor's discretion, in order to assist in meeting the IAQ building acceptance criteria

  3. Research has been performed to ensure that specified building material requirements (e. g., for recycled content, VOC levels) can be met by multiple manufacturers in the respective materials category

PART 2 - PRODUCTS (Not used)

PART 3 - EXECUTION (Not used)

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