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Point of Use (POU) and Point of Entry (POE)

What is a Point-of-Use or Point-of-Entry device?

Both point-of-use (POU) and point-of-entry (POE) devices are used to treat a portion of the incoming flow of water.  POU devices are designed to only treat water intended for drinking or cooking at a single or limited number of taps whereas POE devices are designed to treat all water entering a home, business, school, facility, etc.  A POU device can be one of several types of units: plumbed-in units, plumbed-in units with separate faucets for the POU device, faucet-attached units, or faucet-connected counter top units.

Examples of Point-of-Use or Point-of-Entry devices.
Example diagram of a Point of Entry (POE) device. Example diagram of a Point of Use (POU) device.

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