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Water: Climate

CRWU Toolbox Help

The Search interface allows users to search for resources based on information categories, utility characteristics, climate and water topics of concern, and climate response strategies. Begin using the Toolbox by selecting one or more information categories (buttons), then selecting items within an area of interest on which you wish to filter your results. The areas of interest on which you may filter resources include the Regions, Utility Types, and Utility Sizes to which the resources are applicable, the Climate Impacts and Water Resource Types that the resources address, and the overall Response Strategies being pursued. Selecting an item within an area of interest will limit your results to the selected filter criteria; however, if no selections are made within a particular area of interest, the Toolbox will consider all items within that area of interest as a part of your search. Resources that apply generically to most regions, utility types, and sizes can be found by selecting the "Not [Region/Type/Size] Specific" option under the appropriate heading. Click the [Select/Deselect All] button to either select all items or clear selections under a heading. Searches on utility size will return results grouped by utility size and sorted within these groups.

Actions to respond to climate change can be selected as part of any overall strategies being pursued: mitigation and/or adaptation. These strategies are defined as follows:

  • Mitigation: Take actions to reduce the carbon footprint of your utility, including plans to directly address emissions of greenhouse gasses from operations (e.g., on-site electrical generation from recovered sludge digest emissions), reduce community water footprint, or alter practices to account for carbon budget beyond emission reductions (e.g., carbon offsets on property through land use planning).
  • Adaptation: Take actions to incorporate changes in operations that can account for changing conditions associated with climate change (e.g., emergency response plans that account for conditions not previously experienced in your region of the country), extend capacity of facilities to account for changing conditions associated with climate change (e.g., deploy green infrastructure in catchment to reduce peak storm water loading), or develop resources anticipated as necessary to account for changing conditions associated with climate change (e.g., build a new reservoir or consider new water sources).

Once you have finished selecting search criteria, click the [Show Results] button to begin reviewing the resources that address the selected topics. If your search returns no results, try broadening your search criteria by selecting additional terms.

Need further assistance? Contact CRWUHelp@epa.gov.

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