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Train-the-Trainers Presentations

This portion of the CD contains PowerPoint presentations that may be used to train others to set-up and run enhanced tabletop exercises. The presentations also give tips on how to conduct the after action review or "hot wash." Each presentation slide is accompanied by instructor's notes that will help the presenter to understand the context for each slide. The notes also serve to give the presenter more information that can be verbally transmitted to the participants while the relevant slide is being displayed.

The first presentation informs the participants of the various exercise types and the importance of conducting exercises. A case study, the Sioux City plane crash of a DC-10 airliner in 1989, is used in this presentation to show the importance of exercising. The second, third, and fourth presentations cover the topics of setting up for an enhanced tabletop exercise, how to run an enhanced tabletop exercise, and how to conduct an after-action review or "hotwash," respectively.

This portion of the CD also contains presentations regarding water system Vulnerability Assessment (VA) and Emergency Response Plan (ERP) requirements, the National Incident Management System, the Incident Command System, and the Response Protocol Toolbox. These presentations may be used to familiarize exercise participants with water system-specific and national emergency response "basics" prior to conducting a simple or enhanced tabletop exercise.