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Simple Tabletop Exercise
Scenario 5
Physical Attack
Witness Account/
Notification by Law Enforcement

As discussed in the Response Protocol Toolbox, the threat warning, or the occurrence or discovery that indicates a potential contamination threat that triggers an evaluation of the threat, can come from several sources. In one of the scenarios, the threat warning originates as both a witness account, meaning an individual has observed suspicious act, and notification by law enforcement of the observance of suspicious activity. In the other scenario, the threat warning originates as both a security breach and direct notification by the perpetrator.

This scenario is an intentional physical attack on Zenith City's water supply reservoir. It occurs during the spring in Zenith City. A terrorist group detonates a small "dirty bomb" adjacent to the intake of the city's water supply, Lake Wobegun. The explosion is witnessed by a jogger. The radioactivity from the bomb contaminates the reservoir. The utility must discuss the repercussions of potentially losing their source water, decide if they can pull together the resources to address radiological contamination, and discuss establishing an alternate water supply. It becomes known that some of the contaminated water may have entered the distribution system and could possibly be heading towards the city's wastewater treatment plant. Wastewater utility operators and laboratory personnel should be included as participants in this exercise.

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