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Simple Tabletop Exercise
Scenario 7
Notification by News Media

As discussed in the Response Protocol Toolbox, the threat warning, or the occurrence or discovery that indicates a potential contamination threat that triggers an evaluation of the threat, can come from several sources. In these scenarios, the threat warning originates from either notification by news media of an event or incident that may affect the utility, or from the occurrence of a natural disaster (a weather phenomena) that will affect utility operations.

This scenario is a railway workers strike that leads to a disruption in chlorine shipments to Zenith City and other water and wastewater utilities in the area. The utilities first become aware of the strike from a news media report, but do not realize that their chlorine supply is affected until their distributor calls to inform them that they will receive no new chlorine shipments until further notice. As it is an unusually dry summer, and Zenith City is experiencing a drought, both the river and the ground water supply are being used heavily to meet the city's water supply needs. The utilities must deal with the loss of their chlorine supply.

The following are some useful links to chlorine information:

Facts about Chlorine
(Source: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Emergency Preparedness & Response)

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