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EPA Deputy Administrator's Small Business Trade Association Meeting
The ASBO hosts small business trade association meetings with the EPA Deputy Administrator and senior management. These meetings give the Agency the opportunity to discuss and understand the needs and concerns of small business, as well as their recommendations regarding these important issues. These meetings have been held for over fourteen years and reflect the Agency's efforts of working cooperatively with stakeholders. For meeting summaries or for more information, contact the ASBO.

National Small Business Assistance Providers Training: Small Business Ombudsman (SBO)/Small Business Environmental Assistance Program (SBEAP) and EPA Regional Small Business Liaisons National Training
This training is designed specifically for state SBOs/SBEAPs, EPA Regional Small Business Liaisons, other small business environmental assistance providers, and small businesses. This training is a great opportunity for programs to network and share compliance assistance tools and share information to help small businesses with their environmental compliance, energy, and pollution prevention issues. For more information, contact the ASBO or click here.

Annual Small Business Recognition Awards Awards are given in conjunction with the National Small Business Assistance Providers Training. The awards are to recognize small businesses, trade associations, and state programs for their outstanding environmental leadership and stewardship.

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