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The Role of the Regional Small Business Liaisons

Policy and Planning

RSBLs often work with partner organizations to identify small business assistance needs, develop and implement solutions, and identify ways to reduce the burden of compliance on small businesses. For example, RSBLs can connect small business stakeholders with EPA rule writers to support small business input into the rulemaking process; advise rule writers on small business considerations; and ensure compliance assistance and outreach materials are written in plain language.

Coordination and Representation

The RSBL strengthens EPA’s work by staying informed of national and regional initiatives and sharing that information within the agency and with partner organizations. Within the agency, RSBLs coordinate with Compliance Assistance Coordinators and pollution prevention and environmental justice teams to assure small businesses considerations are incorporated into regional work. Externally, RSBLs may coordinate regional events, such as webinars and telecoms, with state SBOs and SBEAPs to improve collaboration among groups. They could also coordinate with regional State Small Business Environmental Assistance Programs (SBEAPs) and Ombudsmen (SBOs) (PDF 14pp) and participate in national SBO/SBEAP forums. Additionally, RSBLs can involve small businesses and assistance providers in the development of compliance assistance materials.

Advocacy and Outreach

The RSBL works to ensure small business needs are represented in the agency and provide small businesses with straightforward and easy-to-access information. This is accomplished by connecting small businesses with regulatory and technical assistance resources; advising partners on delivering straightforward and accessible assistance; promoting voluntary and partnership programs to help small businesses go beyond compliance; and identifying partnerships that advance innovative environmental technologies developed by small firms.

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