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Healthy School Environments

HealthySEAT. Healthy School Environments Assessment Tool

Ohio HealthySEAT Now Available

Through a collaborative effort between the Ohio Department of Health and EPA, HealthySEAT has been customized to incorporate new regulations requiring annual school inspections issued under "Jarod's Law". County sanitarians in Ohio can use HealthySEAT to manage their Jarod's Law inspections and can submit HealthySEAT-generated reports to the state auditor to comply with the law. The Ohio version of HealthySEAT can be downloaded from the Ohio Department of Health web site. exiting EPA

Getting Acquainted with HealthySEAT for the First Time?

HealthySEAT can be overwhelming if you don't know where to start. Some suggestions:

Version 2

Basic Information

The Healthy School Environments Assessment Tool (HealthySEATv2) is a fully customizable and easy to use software program designed to help school districts evaluate and manage ALL of their environmental, safety and health issues. Read more...

Frequent Questions

Answers to many questions about HealthySEATv2. Please read before downloading the software. Read more...

Download HealthySEAT Version 2

Everything you need to download and begin using HealthySEATv2. Read more...

HealthySEAT Information Materials

Materials you can use to tell others about HealthySEATv2. Read more...

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