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Biotechnology Activities

The OSCP Biotechnology Team provides scientific and policy expertise on biotechnology issues; coordinates EPA, interagency, and international work on biotechnology policy; and facilitates the sharing of information related to biotechnology. The Biotechnology Team participates in:

Intraagency Activities

Offices within EPA that regularly deal with biotechnology issues include:

When biotechnology issues arise, the Biotechnology Team facilitates coordination among affected offices and provides scientific policy input from a broad Agency perspective. Examples of the Biotechnology Team's intraagency activities include:

Interagency Activities

Issues related to biotechnology affect more than one agency within the federal government. When this is the case, the Biotechnology Team works to ensure agencies work together and effectively communicate information on biotechnology topics. The Biotechnology Team serves as a liaison to other executive branch agencies on issues related to biotechnology. The team responds to requests for scientific input or advice on policy developments within the government and facilitates interagency coordination on biotechnology issues. Examples of the Biotechnology Team's interagency activities include:

International Activities

EPA participates in a variety of international activities related to biotechnology and is fully committed to and engaged in international dialogues. EPA views participation in the international community as an opportunity to stress the critical importance of a science- and rules-based approach to evaluating the products of modern biotechnology and an opportunity to promote transparency, inclusiveness, and responsiveness in the decision-making process. The Biotechnology Team helps formulate EPA and US positions on biotechnology issues and often represents OCSPP on US delegations to international meetings. EPA, along with representatives of other federal agencies, participates in:

The IPPC is recognized by the World Trade Organization as the standard-setting body for international plant quarantine issues.



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