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Personal Biography of Dennis Laskowski, Ph.D.

Dr. Laskowski earned the degrees Bachelor Of Science in Chemistry and Master Of Science in Soil Chemistry at North Dakota State University. Graduate training was completed in 1968 at the University Of California Davis with a Ph.D. in Soil Microbiology, and while at UCD he was elected to the UCD chapters of Phi Kappa Phi and Sigma Xi. His background is Soils, Soil Chemistry and Microbiology, kinetics of chemical transformations in soil, and the application of environmental chemistry to discern and predict the fate of chemicals in the environment.

He joined the Dow Chemical Company in 1968 as Soil Microbiologist in its Agricultural Chemicals Division (now named Dow AgroSciences) in Walnut Creek, CA, and specialized in the environmental chemistry and fate of Dow's agricultural products. In 1973 he transferred to Dow's headquarters in Midland, MI as Leader of the Agricultural Department's Environmental Fate Group and served in that role until 1991. During that time he was responsible for developing and guiding Dow AgroScience's capabilities to carry out the modeling of environmental fate and ecological risk assessment for the company's products. In 1981 he was chosen to participate in an EPA-sponsored environmental exchange program with the Soviet Union and spent two weeks in the USSR at a conference on forecasting the behavior of pesticides in soil. In 1984 he was selected to a peer review team for the purpose of evaluating the research program at EPA's Robert S. Kerr Environmental Research Lab in Ada, OK. From 1991 until retirement he focused on the use of probability modeling for probabilistic ecological risk assessment. He chaired the FIFRA Exposure Model Validation Task Force established to validate soil and water exposure models used in regulatory decision-making processes, and which was comprised of EPA and industry research scientists. He was a participant in the development of EPA's Aquatic Risk Assessment and Mitigation Dialogue Group (ARAMDG) report, as well as its ECOFRAM report (Ecological Committee on FIFRA Risk Assessment Methods) dealing with probabilistic assessment of risk for agricultural chemicals. He retired with the title of Senior Advisor from Dow AgroSciences in 1999.

Dr. Laskowski authored/co-authored 30 publications on the environmental fate/chemistry of agricultural chemicals in water and soil, and on the use of probability modeling to predict chemicals' soil and water concentrations. He presented 10 invited papers at professional symposia on these same topics, including presentations at the Gordon Research Conference, the American Chemical Society (Ag Chemicals Division), the Royal Society of London, and IUPAC. He was author/co-author of 60 internal company reports.

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