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Personal Biography of Carl Richards Ph.D.

Dr. Richards is Director, Minnesota Sea Grant College Program, University of Minnesota and Professor of Biology at the University of Minnesota, Duluth. His responsibilities entail guiding the statewide, national, and international outreach, research, and communications efforts of the program. Dr. Richards' research interests include efforts at directing and identifying linkages between landscape and land use characteristics of watersheds and the structure of biological communities in streams. This work involves describing the role of physical habitat in defining variation in macroinvertebrate and algal communities in streams, and quantification of landscape-scale features that influence these relationships. Both classical field assessments and geographical information systems are used in these investigations. Dr. Richards earned a Ph.D. in Biology/Ecology from Idaho State University, a M.S. in Biology from California State University, Los Angeles and a B.S. in Biology from the University of Southern Mississippi.

Please see his personal website Exit Disclaimerfor more infomation.

Carl Richards, Ph.D.

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