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Probabilistic Exposure Assessments

This subject was discussed at the following meeting(s):

December 3-5, 2003: Probabilistic exposure and risk assessment for children who contact CCA-treated wood on playsets and decks and CCA-containing soil around these structures

Final Report - Not yet available.
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August 30, 2002: Stochastic Human Exposure and Dose Simulation Model (SHEDS): System Operation Review of a Scenario Specific Model (SHEDS - Wood) to Estimate Children's Exposure and Dose to Wood Preservatives from Treated Playsets and Residential Decks Using EPA/ORD's SHEDS Probabilistic Model

Final Report (PDF) (36 pp, 203K, About PDF)
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March 24-25, 1998: Common Mechanism of Action of Organophosphates, Policy for Review of Monte Carlo Analysis for Dietary and Residential Exposure Scenarios, Suggested Probabilistic Risk Assessment Methodology for Evaluating Pesticides that exhibit a Common Mechanism of Action, Use of FQPA 10x Safety Factor to Address Special Sensitivity of Infants and Children to Pesticides, and Post Application Exposure Guidelines

Final Report
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