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Regional Smart Growth Alliances

In 2005, the Urban Land Institute (ULI) received a grant from EPA to create and support regional alliances of diverse stakeholders to promote smart growth development. The alliances are created in an effort to break the political stalemate that often results as communities examine how best to support economic development, accommodate growth, enhance community livability, and protect the environment.

Under this grant, new smart growth alliances have formed in:

The grant also helps support existing smart growth alliances, which are providing models and mentoring assistance to the new alliances:

In 2007, ULI created the Smart Growth Alliances Information Network (SGAIN) web site Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer to support the work of the smart growth alliances and to give their leaders opportunities to learn from each other as they develop programs to promote and recognize smart growth in their regions.

ULI also has an ongoing series of "Case Studies for Action" Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer that describe innovative programs developed by ULI district councils to engage land use professionals and other stakeholders. Topics include the Reality Check visioning exercise, smart growth recognition programs, statewide smart growth initiatives, and workforce housing.

In 2010, ULI released Moving the Needle: Regional Coalitions as Catalysts for Sustainable Development (PDF) (45 pp, 1.2 MB, About PDF) Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer. This report examines eight regional alliances and techniques they have used to work with diverse partners to promote more sustainable communities. It offers useful lessons for how these coalitions can make a difference in their regions and how effective coalitions operate.

For more information, please visit the Smart Growth Alliances Information Network (SGAIN) web site Link to EPA's External Link Disclaimer.

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