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University-Community Collaboration for Better Public Spaces

The Association of Collegiate Schools of Planning in conjunction with the Lincoln Institute for Land Policy has released "Partnerships for Smart Growth: University-Community Collaboration for Better Public Spaces." Written under a cooperative agreement with the U.S. EPA, the report profiles 13 university-lead collaborations on smart growth initiatives.

Linking the worlds of community development, higher education administration, and urban design, this accessible guidebook offers useful information on how universities and communities can best develop partnership projects. Its focus on smart growth projects further enhances its value for those interested in how urban, suburban, and rural growth can be accommodated while preserving open spaces and quality of life.

Front cover Partnerships for Smart Growth PDF

"Partnerships for Smart Growth" includes 13 case studies of university-community collaborations on smart growth initiatives. The chapters include geographically diverse locations and urban, suburban, and rural projects. Each case includes a comprehensive discussion of how and why the project was initiated, who was involved, what techniques were employed, what were the pitfalls, and what was the outcome. The result is a book with wide appeal for university administrators, land-use planners and administrators, scholars, and community development experts. Chapters are arranged by examples of smart growth in Curriculum, at Research Centers, by Collaboration and in the Community.

For more information about this document or EPA's smart growth work with universities, contact Kevin Nelson (nelson.kevin@epa.gov) at 202-566-2835.

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