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Smart Location Database: Helping You Measure Location Efficiency

Thursday, May 15, 2:00-3:30 Eastern

The Smart Location Database is an online mapping tool and free nationwide geospatial data resource for measuring location efficiency* and the built environment. In this webinar, Ted Cochin from EPA’s Smart Growth Program provided a short tutorial on how to use the database, Amy Smith of Fehr and Peers spoke on downloading and using the data using clip and ship and other methods, and Jennifer Ziebarth of Fehr and Peers presented key variables and an extended case study.

The Smart Location Database includes more than 90 attributes that consistently summarize characteristics such as housing density, diversity of land use, neighborhood design, workforce and job accessibility, transit service, employment, and demographics. Most attributes are available for every census block group in the United States.

The Smart Location Database can be used for:

* Location-efficient places have compact, walkable street grid patterns with easy access to public transit, jobs, stores, and services.

Who Should Attend
Planners; academics; researchers; state, local, and federal government staff; and others interested in location efficiency

Continuing Education
This webinar qualifies for 1.5 certification maintenance credits from the American Planning Association.


Email smartgrowth@epa.gov to request the slides and recording.

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