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In 2014, EPA SmartWay marks ten years of supporting the goods movement industry.  This web page, SmartWay 10, features a series of special content, highlighting the progress SmartWay and its partners have made over the past ten years - and our shared goals for working together in the future. 


"You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more."

SmartWay 10 Monthly Themes

In 2014, EPA SmartWay marked ten years of supporting the goods movement industry and each month, this web page, SmartWay 10, featured special content that we’ve compiled below, making it easier to reference and use. This month, we’re also featuring the I-Spy SmartWay photo gallery, highlighting a series of photos from our partners that demonstrate the creative ways they use the SmartWay logo to reflect their commitment to the program and green freight. Thank you to all partners who participated!

With 2015 just around the corner, SmartWay is developing new resources and information, and preparing to share its goals for the future in a planning document we will release early in the coming New Year!  Stay tuned for that in coming weeks and for now we hope the resources below will encourage and support your efforts to move goods in a way that meets customer needs, reduces fuel use, saves money and helps protect the environment!

Looking Back at SmartWay 10 Resources

SmartWay Partner Profiles in Review

FedEx Express Logo
FedEx Express Partner Profile (PDF) (1 page, 548 K, EPA-420-F-14-004, February, 2014)

Canon Logo
Canon Partner Profile (PDF) (1 page, 557 K, EPA-420-F-14-005, February, 2014)
ATA Logo American Trucking Associations Affiliate Profile (PDF) (1 page, 560 K, EPA-420-F-14-016, April, 2014)
UPS Logo UPS Express (PDF) (1 page, 572 K, EPA-420-F-14-019, February, 2014) 
Schneider Logo Schneider National Inc Partner Profile (PDF) ( 1 page, 129 K, EPA-420-F-07-010, July 2010)

Ryder Logo

View Ryder System Inc. Partner Profile (PDF) ( 1 p, 525 K, EPA-420-F-14-048, September 2014)

Koch Logo
Koch Companies Partner Profile (PDF) ( 1 p, 512 K, EPA-420-F-14-050, October 2014)

HP Logo
HP Partner Profile (PDF) ( 1 page, 512 KB, EPA-420-F-14-057, November 2014)


Event Photo Galleries

SmartWay Excellence Awards 2014 with ATA and CSCMP

The annual SmartWay Excellence Awards honor top shipping (retailers and manufacturers) and logistics company partners for superior environmental performance and additional actions to reduce freight emissions through effective collaboration, advanced technology and operational practices, a robust system for validating and reporting their SmartWay data and communications and public outreach.

Click here to view full gallery

I-Spy Challenge

As part of EPA’s I-Spy SmartWay challenge, partners and affiliates submitted digital photos of the SmartWay logo seen on the road, at events, and on packages!

Driver from Roehl with SmartWay on Shirt

Click here to view full gallery

Driver Appreciation Week

As part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, SmartWay and  American Trucking Associations visited Meijer Logistics Distribution Center, Lansing, MI on September 16th , 2014 and Kimberly Clark Distribution Center, McDonough, GA on September 18th, 2014 to share tips on efficient driving aimed at raising fuel economy by 5 percent or more, saving over $3,000 in fuel cost annually.

Click here to view full gallery

SmartWay 10 December Webinar

WEBINAR:  The SmartWay to Cut Costs and Carbon from Your Supply Chain
WHEN: December 16, 2014, 1:00-2:00 PM (ET)

Finding innovative (yet practical) solutions for cutting your company’s carbon footprint is critical to your success as a corporate sustainability officer. Join EPA for this webinar to learn:

  • How green freight strategies may be the missing link in your sustainability strategy

  • Where to find “low-hanging fruit” that helps you meet your sustainability goals AND save your company money in the process

  • What it takes to start building freight efficiency into your sustainability plans…even if you’re not an expert on transportation

  • How over 3000 companies (including some of the largest shippers in the world) are making greener transportation systems a reality

  • Why global sustainability leaders trust SmartWay as their #1 source of transportation efficiency data and assessment tools

  • How to gain support for green transportation initiatives throughout your company

To Register:
http://epa.gov/smartway/supplychain.htmExit EPA Disclaimer

SmartWay 10 Webinars In Review

SmartWay Tenth Anniversary: SmartWay Charter Partners share freight management strategies that make a difference! View webinar slides: Charter Partners Webinar (PDF) (29 pp, 977 K)

SmartWay 10th Anniversary Webinar Advancing Technologies: View webinar slides:> SmartWay Awards Webinar Slides (PDF) (18 pp, 432 K)

SmartWay Affiliate Round Table: View webinar slides:  SmartWay Affiliate Round Table Webinar (PDF) (13 pp, 195K)

SmartWay 10th Anniversary Webinar: Trends in Intermodal Freight Transport: View webinar recording:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/305343554

Any Way They Ship It, They Ship It the SmartWay View webinar slides: Any Way They Ship It, They Ship It the SmartWay (PDF) (13 pp, 2.18MB). View webinar recording: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/140010858 Exit EPA Disclaimer

Anticipatory Supply Chains: View the webinar recording: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/643181706 Exit EPA Disclaimer. View webinar slides:  Anticipatory Supply Chains (PDF) (37 pp, 1.61MB)

SmartWay 10 Modifying Driver Behavior – An Important Piece to Greening Your Fleet: View the webinar recording:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/607491994 Exit EPA Disclaimer. View webinar slides:  Modifying Driver Behavior (PDF) (28 pp, 3.1MB)

Carbon Accounting and Reporting Using SmartWay Data and Partner Tool Reports: View the webinar recording:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/326659858 Exit EPA Disclaimer. View webinar slides:  Carbon Accounting Webinar Slides (PDF) (53 pp, 1.4MB)

SmartWay 10 - Best Practices of Multiple-Time SmartWay Award Winners: View the webinar recording:  https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/977740082 Exit EPA Disclaimer. View webinar slides:  All Awardees SmartWay 10 Webinar (PDF) (30 pp, 4.27MB)

SmartWay 10 - Developing a Global Green Freight Action Plan: View the webinar recording: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/690560466 Exit EPA Disclaimer. View webinar slides:  Global Green Freight SmartWay 10 Webinar (PDF) (22 pp, 1.0MB)

"I am glad to see action that builds strong global alliances in the transportation area. These initiatives will help reduce carbon emissions and make urban areas more efficient and productive and healthier places to live and work."

UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon

"Moving people and goods – is essential in our fast paced and connected world. At the same time, rapid growth in transportation has led to rising levels of greenhouse gases and air pollution. We are here today because we have a tremendous opportunity before us to do something big and meaningful in the freight and transportation sector to address these challenges."

Janet McCabe, Assistant Administrator for Air and Radiation, US EPA

This month, SmartWay partners are leading the way as Green Freight Goes Global!  After ten years of working to help the freight sector save fuel and reduce emissions in the U.S. and Canada, other countries and regions are moving to implement green freight programs modeled on SmartWay. Business leaders, policy makers and other stakeholders are working on a wide range of efforts to expand global green freight efforts.  The United Nations Environment Program Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) is helping to drive progress through the Heavy Duty Diesel Initiative. To learn more about the CCAC development of a Global Green Freight Action Plan, check out the information below and join us for a webinar with global experts on November 12th.

Green Freight Goes Global

Click the program name on the map below to learn more about SmartWay "sister programs" around the world!

Map of international programs that support SmartWay partners worldwide This is a link to the SmartWay website. This is a link to the Transporte Limpio transportation program in Mexico This is a hotspot link to the Smart Freight Centre website This is a hotspot link to the Australian Eco Station website This is a link to the Green Freight Europe website This is a link to France's Objectif This is a link to the Green Freight India website. This is a link to the This is This is a link to the Brazilian Smart Freight program. This is the website for the Climate and Clean Air Coalition. This is a link to the website for IATA. This is a link to the Clean Cargo program website. This is a link to COFRET-project.eu This is a link to the Canadian SmartWay program.

SmartWay Contribution to Global Green Freight

Cover image of EPA SmartWay's Training Guide and Workbook for Developing a Green Freight Program

After ten years of success, SmartWay and its partners have set the gold standard for green freight programs across the globe.  EPA is routinely invited to provide capacity building and best practices from SmartWay to assist other countries with the development of their green freight programs.   To facilitate this learning and help ensure that green freight programs are aligned, EPA created training materials for countries to design build and implement green freight programs. The SmartWay Training Guide and Workbook: How to Develop a Green Freight Program: A Comprehensive Guide and Resource Manual (PDF) (198 pp, 7.7 MB, EPA-420-B-14-054, November 2014) provides a rich and comprehensive training curriculum with hands-on learning for policy makers and other stakeholders. Spanish, French, Portuguese and Mandarin Chinese versions of this publication are available upon request.



SmartWay 10th November Webinar

WEBINAR:  Developing a Global Green Freight Action Plan
WHEN: November 12, 2014, 1:00-2:00 PM (ET)

The United Nations Environment Program in collaboration with US EPA and other countries are developing a Global Green Freight Action Plan under The Climate and Clean Air Coalition (CCAC) to Reduce Short-Lived Climate Pollutants. The Global Green Freight Action Plan will serve as a blueprint and road map for the development of green freight programs globally. 

The CCAC is gathering input from leading SmartWay partners and other stakeholders to develop the Global Green Freight Action Plan. The CCAC is inviting companies to provide input and perspective that will inform the Plan based on their global leadership and perspectives. Participating companies will get the opportunity to showcase their efforts to improve global freight operations and also have opportunities for information exchanges with other leaders.

If you are interested in learning more about participating in the Global Green Freight Action Plan, please join representatives from EPA and the CCAC for a free Webinar November 12 at 1:00 – 2:00 PM (ET).

Buddy Polovick, EPA's SmartWay team leader, will lead the presentation and introduce:

  • Sonja Henneman of Environment Canada
  • Sophie Punte of the Smart Freight Centre

To Register: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/690560466 Exit EPA Disclaimer

Featured Partner Profile: HP

SmartWay Partner Hewlett Packard (HP) leverages a global network of green freight programs to increase the efficiency of their goods movement strategies. Learn more about HP's global green freight efforts in this partner profile.

During the month of October, SmartWay focuses on recognizing the impressive efforts of our SmartWay partners. Since the SmartWay Partnership is a voluntary program, and companies that participate are leading the freight transportation industry by reducing their carbon footprint, EPA encourages these efforts through public recognition. On October 7, 2014, join us in acknowledging the incredible contributions of SmartWay Partners through recognition of:

  • 2014 SmartWay Excellence Awardees
  • 2014 Affiliate Challenge Leaders
  • Partners promoting SmartWay on the road

SmartWay Partner Recognition

EPA Recognizes the 2014 SmartWay Excellence Awardees

EPA's 2014 SmartWay Excellence Awards recognize exceptional achievement among EPA SmartWay partners.

Press Releases

Awardee Information

EPA recognizes Affiliates that are helping to spread the SmartWay Message

Every year, SmartWay holds the Affiliate Challenge to encourage our Affiliates to engage their members and the public in learning about how SmartWay can help them save fuel, money and the environment. This year, SmartWay is recognizing those challengers that are taking action with the SmartWay Affiliate Leader Board.

SmartWay visits partner distribution centers as part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

As part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, SmartWay and  American Trucking Associations visited Meijer Logistics Distribution Center, Lansing, MI on September 16th , 2014 and Kimberly Clark Distribution Center, McDonough, GA on September 18th, 2014 to share tips on efficient driving aimed at raising fuel economy by 5 percent or more, saving over $3,000 in fuel cost annually. 

SmartWay 10th October Webinar

WEBINAR TITLE: SmartWay 10 - Best Practices of Multiple-Time SmartWay Award Winners
When:  October 29, 2014, 02:30 - 3:30 (ET)
Multiple-time SmartWay Excellence Award winners share freight efficiency and environmental best practices and testimonials.  Tune in to learn how these multiple-time awardees continually attain top environmental performance in SmartWay.  Webinar presenter follow:   

Stacey Maxwell
Director of Corporate Marketing
C.R. England

Blair Chikasuye
Global Logistics Environment Manager

Nick Brock
Carrier Relations Manager
Lowe’s Companies, Inc.

Jolene Sternweis
Fuel Manager
Roehl Transport, Inc.

Ron Guzzi
Sr. Manager Carrier Relations and Solutions
The Home Depot


Although participation in the webinar is free, advance registration is required. Please go the following link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/977740082 

"Curbing driver speed is the most widely recognized behavioral change that can save fuel, with the 60 to 65 mph range being the sweet spot for many 18-wheelers on today's highways."

Glen Kedzie, VP of Environmental Affairs for the American Trucking Associations.

"As a small motor carrier business owner, I know first-hand how fuel costs affect my bottom line. So I look for what works for me. That's why I am a SmartWay partner, and a member of NASTC and OOIDA. SmartWay & these associations help small trucking companies like me save fuel and money."

Daniel Marshall, Owner D&J 'XPress LLC

"You have to be environmentally responsible. West Marine is doing its part and serves as a great model for how other small carriers can implement technologies and reduce operating cost."

Maria Brandon, West Coast Transportation Manager, West Marine

This month, SmartWay focuses on cost savings and fuel savings. SmartWay Carrier Partners, regardless of fleet size, can trim costs by employing driving techniques and EPA-tested technologies that reduce fuel consumption. To learn more about ways to save money and fuel, check out the information below and join us for a webinar with SmartWay partners on September 24th.

If you are a professional truck driver, be sure to access the SmartDriver E-learning portal, jointly developed by EPA and NRCan to provide free in-depth training on fuel efficient driving techniques at http://fleetsmartlearning.nrcan.gc.ca/Saba/Web/MainExit EPA Disclaimer

America's Road Team on SmartWay

Captains from ATA's America's Road Team congratulate EPA's SmartWay Transport Partnership, as well as the hundreds of fleets, and shippers that are a part of it, on its 10th anniversary. Share this video on your website!

10 tips to reduce fuel consumption:
  • Use cruise control where appropriate
  • Coast whenever possible
  • Brake smoothly and gradually
  • Accelerate smoothly and gradually
  • Utilize progressive shifting
  • Limit unnecessary truck idling
  • Start out in a gear that doesn’t require using the throttle when releasing the clutch
  • Limit unnecessary shifting: block-shift
  • Drive at the lowest engine speed possible
  • Reduce parasitic energy losses by limiting the use of accessories

Share this videoExit EPA Disclaimer

SmartWay visits partner distribution centers as part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week

As part of National Truck Driver Appreciation Week, SmartWay and  American Trucking Associations visited Meijer Logistics Distribution Center, Lansing, MI on September 16th , 2014 and Kimberly Clark Distribution Center, McDonough, GA on September 18th, 2014 to share tips on efficient driving aimed at raising fuel economy by 5 percent or more, saving over $3,000 in fuel cost annually. 

We invite everyone to show your appreciation to all of the professional truck drivers who carry goods in an efficient and safe manner, allowing businesses and private citizens to confidently ship goods across the nation.

Featured Partner Profile:
Koch Companies

SmartWay Partner Koch Companies, is proud of how they have reduced their fuel consumption over the years. Learn more about Koch Companies in this partner profile.


SmartWay 10th September Webinar

WEBINARModifying Driver Behavior – An Important Piece to Greening Your Fleet
WHEN:        September 24, 2014    2:30 - 3:30 p.m. (EDT)

Diesel fuel is often the second highest expense for truck carriers after labor. Join SmartWay and Truck Carrier partners as we discuss training that targets fuel efficiency while changing habits that waste fuel. Panelists from C.R. England and Saddle Creek Transportation will provide actionable advice and best practices that will help save fuel, money and the environment!

Although participation in the webinar is free, advance registration is required. Please go the following link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/607491994

"Increasingly, supply chains are being designed and built to anticipate disruptions and reconfigure themselves appropriately to mitigate their impacts."

-Kelly Marchese and Bill Lam, Supply Chain Strategy practice, Deloitte Consulting LLP

"In the future, not only will shippers and 3PLs use SmartWay data as a decision point when purchasing services, but they will also come to expect its availability and disclosure."

-Ashton Shaw, Senior Lean Coordinator, Menlo Worldwide Logistics

"Logistics partners help shipper clients choose fuel-efficient carriers with the use of SmartWay tools, finding ways to make their supply chain more efficient and raise the bar on freight sustainability."

-Kathleen A. Martz, US EPA/SmartWay, presentation at Transplace Shipper Symposium, May, 2014

"We are constantly working to optimize our fleet as it relates to responsible sustainable practices, which includes the reduction of fuel consumption and lowering emissions. The SmartWay program has provided us with the necessary strategies to accomplish this."

- Marc Althen, President, Penske Logistics

Most companies today recognize and exercise their role in stewardship of planet earth in supporting initiatives to reduce solid and water waste, recycle materials, build LEED-certified buildings, and conserve energy using technology in tracking their environmental footprint. There's more that can be done! Your company can track its transportation efficiency and save fuel and reduce emissions.

In August, SmartWay is focusing on sustainable supply chains. Attend our webinar and learn how Logistics partners like Menlo and Penske design efficient supply chains using SmartWay's performance data.

Going Green With Sustainable Supply Chains

Click the Image to Watch the interview with Ashton Shaw about SmartWay.  Source, Supply Chain Brain.

Watch "Going Green: The SmartWay Transportation Partners," Supply Chain Brain's interview with Ashton Shaw, Senior Lean Coordinator and Sustainability Engineer for Menlo Worldwide Logistics.

Ashton Shaw, Menlo Logistics, sustainability engineer, discusses the evolution of the EPA SmartWay Transportation initiative, its relevance to carriers and its influence on similar programs in Europe and Asia with host, Russell Goodman, Editor in Chief, Supply Chain Brain.

Learn how SmartWay:

  • Has evolved into a robust program
  • Collects quantitative data  
  • Provides specific emission factors for carriers
  • Is a model for international programs


Logistics Companies--Learn How to Drive Data Integrity In Your Supply Chain

Use this compilation of best practices implemented by leading SmartWay partners to boost your data quality and achieve triple bottom line goals.


SmartWay Logistics Tool Measures and Benchmarks Environmental Performance

The Logistics Company Tool contains everything you need to join SmartWay and become a registered partner in good standing. The tool contains guidance on each page to help you submit your tool, including screen demos and definitions. We've also provided user guides and worksheets below for added support.
To register as a SmartWay Logistics Company:

  • Download the current year's tool and the associated guidance documents and worksheets (as needed).
  • Complete your tool submission.
  • Email your tool's "xml" file to smartway_transport@epa.gov.


    • Go through the example tool step-by-step before putting data into your own tool.

Use these guides to understand the tool data entry and submission process.




Featured Partner Profile:
Ryder Supply Chain Solutions

SmartWay Partner Ryder System, Inc. uses a variety of strategies to improve the energy efficiency of its fleet. Learn more about Ryder System, Inc. in this partner profile.

SmartWay 10th August Webinar

WEBINARAnticipatory Supply Chains
WHEN:        August 27, 2014    2:30 - 3:30 p.m. (EDT)

Third Party Logistics (3PL) Providers manage, broker or forward freight for shipper clients, and play a vital role in the freight supply chain. 

Shipper clients rely on 3PLs to provide reliable, cost effective logistics solutions, while carriers look to 3PLs to develop business opportunities that meet clients’ needs.  Clients are looking to 3PLs to help address growing demands to improve environmental performance and address carbon risk throughout the supply chain. Gathering reliable and credible data to meet these needs can be a challenge.

This one-hour discussion will help you learn how you can configure an anticipatory supply chain, one that’s efficient and sustainable.  Our supply chain industry experts will discuss how SmartWay can help you address present day challenges and take advantage of emerging trends and opportunities in supply chain sustainability. 

Supply Chain Experts include:
Rick Blasgen
President and CEO
Council of Supply Chain Management Professionals

Andrew Cullen
VP, Energy and Telecommunications Service

Beau C. Gentry
Director of Transportation Procurement
Menlo  Logistics

Although participation in the webinar is free, advance registration is required. Please go the following link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/643181706

Since 2004, SmartWay partners have saved 51.6 million metric tons of CO2 and 120.7 million barrels of oil -- the equivalent of taking over 10 million cars off the road for an entire year.

"The parts we all play in managing our energy use in the years to come will determine the future we will share together. It is a simple truth, but a powerful challenge."

- Drew Sloan, Former U.S. Army Officer and Fellow with the Truman National Security Project

For July, SmartWay 10 takes a look at the subject of energy efficiency and carbon savings. In addition to the strides that SmartWay partners are making to use greener, more fuel efficiency technologies to move goods across the globe, there are many government initiatives underway to generate carbon efficiencies and energy savings throughout the economy.

Energy Efficiency Resources

SmartWay is committed to strategies that cut carbon emissions, improve the efficiency of our freight transport system, and increase our nation's energy efficiency.

The links below provide information on SmartWay and other government programs that address climate, carbon and energy efficiency.

To learn more about how SmartWay helps the freight sector create fuel and carbon savings while supporting energy efficiency goals, see:

To discover ways your purchasing decisions can help save carbon and address energy efficiency, see:

To uncover more federal energy information and data sources, see:

To learn more about what you can do to Act on Climate:

To learn about the White House's plan to address climate change and energy efficiency see:

Featured Charter Partner Case Study: Schneider National, Inc.

SmartWay Charter Partner Schneider National uses a variety of strategies to improve the energy efficiency of its fleet. Learn more about Schneider's strategies in this case study.


Building a 21st Century Clean Energy Infrastructure

Heavy-duty vehicles (commercial trucks, vans, and buses) are currently the second largest source of greenhouse gas pollution within the transportation sector.

In January 2014, President Obama signed a Presidential Memorandum establishing the federal government’s first Quadrennial Energy Review (QER) process, with an initial focus on our nation's energy infrastructure.

In February 2014, President Obama directed EPA and DOT to develop and issue the next phase of heavy-duty vehicle fuel efficiency and greenhouse gas standards by March 2016.

In 2011, the Administration finalized fuel economy standards for Model Year 2014-2018 for heavy-duty trucks, buses, and vans. This will reduce greenhouse gas emissions by about 270 million metric tons and save 530 million barrels of oil.

The Administration has already established the toughest fuel economy standards for passenger vehicles in U.S. history. These standards require an average performance equivalent of 54.5 miles per gallon by 2025.

(Source: http://www.whitehouse.gov/climate-change)




Anything else you're interested in is not going to happen if you can't breathe the air and drink the water. Don't sit this one out. Do something.
- Carl Sagan

"Comply" is not a vision.
- Ray Anderson

When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.
- John Muir

For June, SmartWay 10 takes a look at how Shippers are working to enhance corporate citizenship in the supply chain by helping drive the demand for improved energy and environmental efficiency in goods movement. 

Shippers in the retail, food and beverage, manufacturing, consumer goods and other sectors are responding to customer, shareholders and other stakeholders concerns by working to track, quantify report and reduce their supply chain carbon footprint.  Leading shippers have learned that they can address these challenges in ways that not only enhance their corporate citizenship, but also help reduce costs and risk. Anyway they ship it, they ship it the SmartWay!

Top 10 Things Shippers Can Do to Green their Freight Supply Chain

Click the Image to Watch the SmartWay Top 10 things Shippers Can Do to Green their Freight Supply Chain Video.

Watch the SmartWay "Top 10 things Shippers Can Do to Green their Freight Supply Chain" Video.


Top 10 List:

  • Quantify and Report Your Carbon Emissions 
  • Compare Your Freight Performance to Your Peers
  • Make a Public Commitment to Reduce Emissions
  • Engage & Support Your Transportation Providers
  • Optimize Carrier Choice
  • Shift to More Efficient Modes
  • Implement Operational Strategies
  • Collaborate with Other Shippers
  • Take a Closer Look at Your Global Footprint
  • Register in SmartWay

Download the PDF Version (PDF) (12 pp, 863 KB)

Shipper Supply Chain Resources

Shipper freight transport can be improved to be more sustainable and address climate change risks.

The links below provide information on recent studies, reports and trends in shipper freight transport.

To learn how companies are integrating sustainability into their decision-making see:

To learn how industry leaders are collaborating on climate risk, see:

To learn what’s driving climate change action in the world’s largest companies, see:

To learn how retailers are managing and implementing sustainability, see:

To learn about sustainability reporting guidelines, see:

To learn about supply chain reporting standards, see:

To learn more about joining SmartWay as a Shipper Partner, see:

Featured Charter Partner Profile

SmartWay Charter Partner UPS Optimizes its Network to Achieve Greater Sustainability
As a SmartWay charter partner, UPS works with EPA and other stakeholders to develop more sustainable solutions for the transportation sector.  Read more about UPS’s strategy for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions here.


SmartWay Charter Partner FedEx Express Saves Fuel, Improves Sustainability (PDF) (1 page, EPA-420-F-14-004, February, 2014) 


SmartWay 10th June Webinars

WEBINAR TITLE: "Benchmarking Warehouse Energy Use with ENERGY STAR"
WHEN: June 10, 2014 2:00 – 3:00 p.m.

As SmartWay partners committed to improving your supply chain energy and environmental efficiency, you are actively working to address the transportation piece of your freight operations.  However, the facilities link of your supply chain (where your freight is stored, sorted, and shipped) also has significant potential for efficiency gains and savings. 

As part of EPA’s commitment to help its partners address the entire freight supply chain, we invite you to join ENERGY STAR® for a webinar on how to reduce greenhouse gas emissions from your warehouses by improving building energy efficiency. Attendees will learn how to use EPA’s Portfolio Manager tool to establish baseline energy use, track the impact of energy efficiency efforts, and understand how the energy performance of their warehouses compares to that of similar facilities across the US.
We’ll discuss:

  • The value of energy management and benchmarking in the warehouse sector
  • How to use the Portfolio Manager tool to benchmark energy use
  • Resources from ENERGY STAR that can help you to improve the energy efficiency of your buildings

This event has passed.

WEBINAR TITLE:  Any Way They Ship it, They Ship it the SmartWay
WHEN: June 18, 2014, 2:30-3:30 (ET)

The retail sector is usually the last link in the supply chain but retailers and their suppliers know they must make smart and sustainable choices to remain competitive and reduce their carbon footprint. NRF invites members to join representatives from EPA’s SmartWay Transport Partnership for a free Webinar June 18 at 2:30-3:30 PM (ET).

Buddy Polovick, EPA's SmartWay team leader, will lead the presentation and will share the benefits of participating in SmartWay. Buddy will be joined by two SmartWay partners - The Home Depot and Kimberly Clark as they discuss SmartWay strategies that work for their companies. 

View webinar slides: Any Way They Ship It, They Ship It the SmartWay (PDF) (13pp. 2.18 M)


Malcolm McLean, a trucker from North Carolina, is credited for introducing the first successful “dry container” in the 1955, forever changing the face of global trade.

Among SmartWay carriers that complete SmartWay's multimodal tool, three are charter partners! Next year, SmartWay's multimodal tool will also cover barge operations.

For May, SmartWay Ten takes a look at trends in multimodal freight activity. Moving goods with at least two modes of transport – including road, rail, air or water – first took off over 50 years ago when the dry cargo container was introduced. In more recent years, multimodal freight transport has grown significantly as it provides shippers and carriers with attractive options for creating highly efficient transportation networks to meet both the challenges of globalization and North American freight activity.

To learn more about trends in multimodal freight transport, check out the links below, join us for a webinar with leading experts May 29, and if you enjoy crossword puzzles, test your knowledge of multimodal freight terms with a downloadable puzzle on the topic!

Take the SmartWay 10 Cross Word Puzzle

Check your knowledge of multimodal freight terms by completing this cross word puzzle.

SmartWay Multimodal Cross Word Puzzle (PDF) (2 pp, 650 K, EPA420-f14-025, May 2014)

Multimodal Freight Transport Resources

Multimodal freight transport can be a cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to moving goods.

The links below provide information on recent studies, reports and trends in multimodal freight transport.


SmartWay Mutlitmodal Carrier Tool Helps Carriers Measure and Benchmark Environmental Performance

The Multimodal Tool contains everything carriers need to participate in SmartWay as multimodal carrier partners. Check out the tool and use these guides to learn more.

Completed SmartWay Multimodal Tool Example:

Guidance for Completing SmartWay's Multimodal Tool

Featured Charter Partner Profile

SmartWay Charter Partner Fed Ex Optimizes its Network to Achieve Greater Sustainability
As a SmartWay charter partner, FedEx Express works with EPA and other stakeholders to develop more sustainable solutions for the transportation sector.  Read more about FedEx Express’ strategy for reducing energy use and greenhouse gas emissions here .  .  .  

SmartWay Charter Partner FedEx Express Saves Fuel, Improves Sustainability (PDF) (1 page, EPA-420-F-14-004, February, 2014) 

SmartWay 10th May Webinar

WEBINAR:  Trends in Intermodal Freight Transport
WHEN: May 29, 2014, 2:30-3:30 (ET)

Multimodal freight transport allows trucking companies, railroads, marine and air carriers and shippers to take advantage of the best attributes of different transportation modes to yield efficient and cost-effective freight movement.  Though intermodal volumes fell sharply during the 2007-2009 recession, they have been on the rebound since 2012, and are expected to continue to improve as freight carriers and shippers continue to look for ways to optimize their transportation networks.  

This one-hour discussion will delve into current trends in multimodal freight movement, covering the transportation and economic benefits of inland ports, impacts on the supply chain and the challenges of shifting to a freight network that relies on multiple modes of transportation. 

Expert panelists include:

Ken Miller
Vice President, Intermodal
J.B. Hunt Transport, Inc.

Dan Pallme
Interim Director
University of Memphis
Center for Intermodal Freight Transportation Studies

Stelios Chrysandreas
Transportation Manager
Kimberly Clark

Click here to register: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/305343554 Exit EPA Disclaimer






"The goals of the SmartWay Transport Partnership to reduce transportation-related emissions by improving supply chain fuel efficiency are part of Penske's DNA. Penske Truck Leasing and Rental is committed to assisting our customers in setting and achieving their SmartWay goals, ultimately helping them improve fleet efficiency, reduce fuel consumption and emissions, and in turn, reduce costs.
Andrew Cullen, Penske Truck Leasing Co., L. P., Vice President Fuels and Telecommunications

"The SmartWay program is a great synergy to our coalition's efforts to help fleets reduce their petroleum consumption and fueling costs. It helps strengthen our impact in Wisconsin."

Lorrie Lisek, Executive Director of Wisconsin Clean Cities.

"Since its launch, SmartWay has been a great example of the government working with private industry toward a common goal."

Bill Graves, ATA President and CEO

"CSCMP is very proud and honored to be a SmartWay Affiliate. We are confident we can help improve the transportation industry's outlook today and well into the future by working together. Everyone at CSCMP has enjoyed our long-term relationship with SmartWay and we're looking forward to supporting the SmartWay program however we can in the coming years."

Jim Schulze CSCMP, Director of Operations and CSCMP SmartWay Liaison

This month, the focus is on SmartWay Affiliates and the Power of Networking! SmartWay Affiliates are the "boots on the ground" supporters of the SmartWay program. There are many types of Affiliates ranging from nonprofit/member organizations to dealerships and leasing companies that sell SmartWay Designated tractors and trailers. SmartWay Affiliates share best practices and strategies through the power of networking to promote the mission and goals of SmartWay.

Congratulations 2014
SmartWay Affiliate Challenge Honorees!

The commitment and enthusiasm of SmartWays' Affiliates raises program awareness and supports EPA's mission of protecting human health and the environment.

To highlight the valuable role of Affiliates in the SmartWay program, EPA acknowledges those Affiliates that exemplify exceptional recruiting, outreach and educational activities as SmartWay Affiliate Challenge honorees.

View webinar recording of 2014 Affiliate Challenge Virtual Awards:Exit EPA Disclaimer

The ten SmartWay Affiliate Challenge honorees for 2014 are:

TOP 3 HONOREE: ATA placed numerous articles about SmartWay in Transport Topics – a far-reaching trade publication in the freight transportation industry.

TOP 3 HONOREE: Penske Truck Leasing recruited 6 partners into the partnership and helped multiple companies complete their tool for participation in SmartWay.

TOP 3 HONOREE: Promoted the benefits of the SmartWay program via their social media channels reaching hundreds of thousands of people who visit the Ryder website.

EDF has served on the SmartWay workgroup, an advisory committee to the Mobile Source Technical Review Subcommittee (MSTRS) of the Clean Air Scientific Advisory Committee.

Co-Hosted with SmartWay a recruiting webinar for fleets in North Texas.

Hosted workshop to educate and inform stakeholders about SmartWay.

Facilitated a SmartWay panel session during their Global Sustainability Conference which introduced a new audience to SmartWay..

Established a 25% tax credit for EPA SmartWay-verified aerodynamic and idle reduction equipment. in the 2014 Clean Truck Bill.

Created a designated sustainability webpage highlighting its engagement with the SmartWay program.

Hosted the SmartWay Excellence Awards ceremony during their annual conference Plenary Session reaching over 3000 members in the freight industry.

SmartWay 10th April Webinars

SmartWay Affiliate Round Table
Webinar Description:  All Affiliates are asked to participate in an Affiliate Round Table. Find out how Affiliates across the country drum up innovative and creative ways to encourage their members to learn more about the SmartWay program. Learn from their success stories.  Find tips, advice and noteworthy ideas from others who have achieved positive results using SmartWay Affiliate resources.  

We will also kick off next year’s Affiliate Challenge! You won’t want to miss this networking opportunity!


Become a SmartWay Affiliate

SmartWay Affiliates commit to promoting SmartWay within the freight transport industry. Affiliates are organizations that encourage members or customers to participate in the SmartWay Transport Partnership.
The following types of organizations are eligible to be SmartWay Affiliates:

  • SmartWay Non-Profit Affiliates are trade and professional associations; membership, nongovernmental organizations; academic institutions and governmental agencies that educate their constituents about the SmartWay program.
  • SmartWay Truck/Trailer Dealerships promote and sell EPA-designated SmartWay Tractors or Trailers and SmartWay-verified technologies.
  • SmartWay Leasing Companies promote and lease SmartWay-designated vehicles, tractors or trailers to dealerships and/or multiple franchises.
  • SmartWay Truck stops/travel plazas educate customers about ways to reduce long duration idling.

Ready to join?

Complete the Affiliate Partnership Agreement (PDF) (1 pp, 51 K). Then e-mail it to EPA at: smartway_transport@epa.gov.

Automatic tire inflation systems can save tire maintenance costs and improve fuel economy by nearly 1 percent, saving 100 gallons of fuel and eliminating 1 metric ton of greenhouse gas emissions per year.

Synthetic lubricants in the engine crankcase, rear axle, and transmission can improve fuel economy by about 3 percent, saving nearly 485 gallons of fuel and eliminating 5 metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions for a typical combination truck each year.

Using a streamlined-profile tractor with aerodynamic devices can improve fuel economy by over 3 percent and will reduce fuel costs by over $2,000. When adding an aerodynamic trailer, you can get up to an 11 percent increase in fuel economy, saving 16 metric tons of carbon dioxide.

Learn about Fuel-Saving Technologies

EPA has evaluated the fuel saving benefits of various devices through grants, cooperative agreements, emissions and fuel economy testing, demonstration projects and technical literature review.

Learn more about SmartWay Fuel-Saving Technologies by reading the following Technical Bulletins:

Click here to learn more about SmartWay Designated Tractors and Trailers (make sure to go to the “Tractors/Trailers” tab):

I-Spy SmartWay - Photos Wanted!

As part of EPA’s I-Spy SmartWay challenge, you are invited to submit digital photos of the SmartWay logo in action! All SmartWay partners, affiliates, stakeholders, equipment manufacturers and community members are invited to participate!
Photos and images of the SmartWay brand, the partnership logo, the certification mark for passenger cars and designated mark for heavy duty applications, and package labeling will all be accepted!    
Wherever you see the SmartWay logo,
take a snapshot and send it in! As part of commemorating SmartWay's 10-year anniversary, we will use your photos to create special montage that we will share online and in other media later this year!  

Send photos to Marcia Turkington: turkington.marcia@epa.gov,

SmartWay 10th March Webinar

SmartWay 10th Anniversary Webinar
Advancing Technologies

Webinar Description:  Join us for this webcast discussion of upcoming SmartWay Designated Specifications for SmartWay labeled tractors and trailers and the newest in regards to testing protocols.  This webinar is part of a series highlighting the progress and future direction that SmartWay and its partners are taking since the partnership was launched ten years ago!

When:  Wednesday, March 26th @ 2:30 PM Eastern Time

About the SmartWay Logo

  • The partnership logo is available to partners as a way to identify their commitment to achieving greater freight efficiency through their participation in SmartWay, and can be found in company and organization marketing, business-to-business promotional materials, and advertising.
  • The SmartWay certification and designated logos are applied and often seen on qualifying cars and trucks.
  • The SmartWay brand logo is used by EPA and affiliates in their promotional materials, websites, sustainability reports, and other communications media.




Take the SmartWay 10th Technology Word Search

Image of first screen of SmartWay Word Search.

Test Your Knowledge about SmartWay technologies by completing this short word search!

SmartWay Advancing Technology Word Search (PDF)




"Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed people can change the world.
Indeed, it is the only thing that ever has."

– Margaret Meade
"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

– Hellen Keller
" Leadership must come from all of us -- the private, public, and civil sectors."

- Eric Lowitt, The Collaboration Economy: How to Meet Business, Social, and Environmental Needs and Gain Competitive Adv

SmartWay Charter Partner Ten Year Reunion:  A Time to Reflect & Set New Goals!

Charter Partner Photo 2.JPG

Former U.S. EPA Administrator Christine Todd-Whitman is depicted with SmartWay Charter Partner company representatives. 

SmartWay Charter Partners

  • American Trucking Associations
  • Business for Social Responsibility
  • Canon USA Inc.
  • Coca-Cola Enterprises
  • CSX Transportation
  • FedEx Express Corporation
  • H-E-B
  • IKEA North America
  • Interface, Inc.
  • Nike, Inc.
  • Norm Thompson Outfitters
  • Schneider National, Inc.
  • Swift Transportation Company, Inc.
  • The Home Depot
  • UPS
  • YRC Worldwide, Inc.

SmartWay honors and acknowledges the SmartWay Charter Partners.  During 2002 - 2003, these freight transportation sector leaders shared and supported the initial vision for the Partnership by assisting with program development and launch.

SmartWay 10th February Webinar

SmartWay Tenth Anniversary: SmartWay Charter Partners share freight management strategies that make a difference!

Webinar Description:  Join us for this webcast where a special panel of EPA's SmartWay Charter Partners will share the strategies and best practices their organizations are using to improve freight efficiencies - and their bottom line. The fifteen Charter Partners were freight transportation sector leaders:  companies and associations that shared and supported the initial vision for the SmartWay Transport Partnership by assisting with program development and launch. This webinar is part of a series highlighting the progress and future direction that SmartWay and its partners are taking since the partnership was launched ten


  • Glen Kedzie, American Trucking Associations
  • Meredith Wieta, Canon USA, Inc.
  • Alison Bird, FedEx Express
  • Ryan McKinney, The Home Depot U.S.A., Inc

Take the SmartWay 10th Anniversary Online Quiz

Image of first screen of SmartWay Interactive Quiz.

Test Your Knowledge about SmartWay by taking this short interactive quiz!

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Where did SmartWay begin?

When SmartWay began in 2004, the freight sector had been dependent on years of cheap energy (diesel was $1.75 a gallon!), but the marketplace was evolving and awareness of climate change was growing rapidly.  Business, industry and government leaders were looking for ways to adapt to a more demanding marketplace, with new challenges, risks and opportunities.

    This is a chart of SmartWay Partner Performance Trends from 2007 to 2013 based on Metric Tons of CO2

How did we get here?

Industry leaders came together, to sit down with EPA in 2002-2003 and identify new ways to improve efficiency, reduce costs and emissions, and improve the working relationship between freight shippers and carriers, as well as with government.  The idea for a freight sustainability partnership was developed and SmartWay was launched in 2004.

Who made SmartWay work?

The American Trucking Associations and Business for Social Responsibility brought key shippers and carriers to the table. They agreed to work with and advise EPA on a market-based partnership with a strong business case. Partners were looking for better ways identify fuel saving technologies and operational practices and to be recognized for their achievements.

EPA agreed to facilitate a public-private collaboration which became the platform for the exchange of data and best practices that would help business to save fuel and reduce costs, while benefiting the environment by reducing emissions and the nation’s dependence on petroleum in this vital economic sector.

Where is SmartWay Today?

  • The SmartWay program includes about 3,000 leading freight shippers, carriers, affiliates, and rail and logistics firms, including Fortune 500 firms and small businesses and operators.  These partners represent key economic sectors such as retail, manufacturing, food and beverage, and consumer goods, among others – sectors which serve as the foundation of the economy. 
  • The SmartWay Technology Verification Program provides credible, neutral third-party assessment of fuel saving and emission reducing technologies, and provides for SmartWay Tractor and Trailer designations which help industry to identify equipment which will best suit their needs.
  • SmartWay covers the trucking and rail sectors in the U.S. and Canada, and is being replicated in other countries, like Mexico, China and in Europe.

Where will SmartWay go from Here?

  • EPA is working to develop and enhance the SmartWay Transport Partnership in new and exciting ways, with new partner offerings and projects, more visibility and better opportunities to engage.
  • EPA is working to expand the partnership to cover other modes of the freight supply chain and better enable SmartWay partners to quantify and benchmark their transportation supply chain.
  • EPA is engaging with counterparts in other countries and regions to share best practices and information to build the capacity for these countries to design, build, and implement programs like SmartWay and harmonize these efforts in ways that benefit the partners and stakeholders an the global environment.


View The SmartWay Timeline

Learn more about major milestones for the SmartWay program over the past 10 years.

View the SmartWay Partner Lists

SmartWay's searchable and sortable list of current SmartWay partners.

Discover Program Documents

SmartWay offers a range of resources that provide more information about SmartWay and its activities.

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