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Food Recovery Challenge Awards

Recognition is a key element of the EPA’s Sustainable Materials Management Program and the Food Recovery Challenge.  Food Recovery Challenge awards are offered in two categories – data driven and narrative.  Participants do not need to apply for the data driven awards, as these awards are given based on the information submitted via the data management system.

Narrative awards are given to eligible Participants in the following categories:

Endorser narrative awards are a separate category from the Participant awards.

Eligibility Criteria

To be eligible for data driven or narrative awards, participants must:

Endorsers must have been in the FRC for one year to be eligible for awards.

Awards Criteria

Data Driven Awards: Data driven awards will be presented to key sector FRC Participants, (grocers, venues, and colleges/universities) and to non-key sector Participants.

In the database, the key sector categories are listed as food, drug and convenience stores, sports and entertainment, and colleges and universities.

Narrative Awards: Narrative awards are available for FRC Participants and Endorsers. For Participants, the award categories are: Source Reduction, Innovation, Education and Outreach, and Leadership. Endorsers have their own category for narrative awards.

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Award Winners

We are pleased to recognize Food Recovery Challenge Participants and Endorsers for their outstanding leadership in food waste prevention and diversion.

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