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Recycling and Market Development of Unique Materials

Most people are familiar with how to recycle paper, bottle and cans, but what about materials like flower pots, toys, mattresses, the dreaded Styrofoam (polystyrene technically) and plastic cups? Learn how to recycle the "hard stuff" from three experts at this month's RCC webinar. You can also take a look at EPA's Recycling the Hard Stuff (PDF) (2 pp, 459K, About PDF).

Speaker Bios

Elizabeth A. Bedard - Ms. Bedard has over 30 years experience in the solid waste management and recycling field, always searching for new, creative and sustainable ways to "dig deeper into the dumpster". As Director of the NH Governor's Recycling Program for fifteen years, she successfully developed statewide municipal, business and school recycling programs. She is one of the founders as well as served twice as Executive Director of the Northeast Resource Recovery Association, the oldest and largest recycling cooperative in the US. In addition her experience as a local Selectperson and other Board positions have given her a valuable base of regional, state and local experience. Now, as a consultant, she is the Director of the Association of Postconsumer Plastic Recyclers "Rigid Plastics Recycling Program".

Expanding Plastic Recycling Beyond #1 and #2 Bottles (PDF) (17 pp, 178K, About PDF)

Chuck Brickman is the owner of Ohio Mattress Recovery and Recycling, a green business started in 2006 to help colleges, universities, businesses, and municipalities to divert the mattresses they were sending to landfills. Mr. Brickman received his B.S. from The Ohio State University in 1998 and his masters degree from Kent State in 1999. Ohio Mattress Recovery and Recycling has helped to divert over 1,000,000 pounds of mattresses from landfills since the business has started.

Mattress Recycling (PDF) (10 pp, 208K, About PDF)

Connie S. Oppedal is the CEO of Gateway to Special Abilities, LLC.  Connie has developed a successful business model that incorporates re-use, re-purposing and recycling methods to create closed loop systems that bring environmentally sound solutions to business partners.  She has a Master’s degree in Counseling and Personnel Services from Drake University, Des Moines, Iowa and has over 20 years experience providing services to persons with disabilities. She will talk about how her company, which provides opportunities for people with special needs, provides recycling and other solutions for businesses.  Although it is not the only material they can handle, they are successfully collecting and densifying Styrofoam (and then transporting it for recycling into picture frames) at 6 locations serving over 3000 stores.  More than 8 million pounds of polystyrene is projected to be recycled at these locations.

Gateway to Special Abilities (PDF) (14 pp, 359K, About PDF)

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