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On the Go

Whether you're going on vacation or out shopping, there are a number of ways you can reduce waste and conserve resources!

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Quick Tips:

  • If staying in a hotel, check the bedding and linen policy with housekeeping. Some hotels ask that the customer request the bedding or linen be laundered by putting a specific note card on the bed and leaving the towels on the floor. This practice conserves water resources. If your hotel does not follow this practice, use a comment card to ask them to adopt it.
  • When you're at the mall, don't get a new shopping bag for every item-combine bags or put them in your backpack. (And be sure to hold onto the receipt!)
  • When you leave your hotel room, switch off the air conditioning, lights, and TV to reduce energy use.
  • Before you leave home, adjust the air conditioning and water heater thermostats to conserve energy.
  • While on your trip, remember to take only the amount of products that you need from restaurants or lodgings. Take only napkins, condiment packets, free brochures, maps, or coupons that you will actually use.

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