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Our Planet, Our Stuff, Our Choice Video Competition

Our Planet, Our Stuff, Our Choice Video Contest - "And we all make decisions about our stuff every day."
Video Contest Winners

The stuff you use every day affects your environment, your community, and your planet. EPA sponsored a video competition to raise awareness of the connection between the environment and the "stuff" people use, consume, recycle, and throw away.

We asked you to share your ideas about recycling, waste reduction, composting and reducing consumption, and over 250 people responded by creating videos to help motivate and inspire others to take action. We have selected 10 entries we think best demonstrate how individuals can make a difference in protecting the environment in their own community.

The top 10 entries are available on EPA's YouTube Channel. We encourage you to share them freely. Link to them and pass them on to friends, family and colleagues. Download them and take them into classrooms and meetings. This video contest has allowed the creativity of the American public to deliver a more meaningful environmental message. After all, it's our planet, our stuff, our choice.

Winners Announced

EPA is announcing the winners in the Our Planet, Our Stuff, Our Choice video competition. Check out the winners on EPA's YouTube contest site Exit EPA:

First Place

The Power of Recycling videoThe Power of Recycling
Chris Thornberry
Carmel, Indiana

Second Place

Don't Kill the Bears videoDon't Kill Bears
Tyler Polich
Eugene, Oregon

Third Place

Save Tha Planet videoSave Tha Planet
Scott O'Lone
Mason, Ohio

Student Winners

Keep the World Beautiful videoKeep the World Beautiful

Kelsey's 3Rs videoKelsey's 3Rs

Honorable Mention

Billy and the 3Rs videoBilly and the 3 R's!
David Lowry
Bettendorf, Iowa

Reduce Reuse Recycle videoReduce Reuse Reduce
Jason Keith Andre
Wilmington, North Carolina

We Recycle videoWe Recycle (video no longer available)
Tyler Larson
Logan, Utah

Where Have All the Cans Gone videoWhere Have All The Cans Gone?
Scott Denfield
Edina, Minnesota

Learn more about the contest themes and rules.

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