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Grades Introductory Lesson Speaker Notes
K-2 Slide Show (PowerPoint) (43 slides, 9.0MB) Notes (PDF) (43pp, 2.1MB)
3-5 Slide Show (PowerPoint) (34 slides, 8.4 MB) Notes (PDF) (34 pp, 1.8MB)
6-8 Slide Show (PowerPoint) (34 slides, 12.7 MB) Notes (PDF) (34 pp, 1.7MB)
Supporting Files for SunWise Lessons (These videos do not have captions)
  • Video: SunWise Sun Safety Program, part 1 (WMV) (Windows video format, 6.9 minutes, 75 MB) This video corresponds to slide 8 of the SunWise 6-8 Introductory Lesson (PowerPoint) listed above. The video presents an overview of sun safety and the SunWise program.
  • Video: Harmful UV Radiation (WMV) (Windows video format, 2.1 minutes, 4.7 MB) This video corresponds to slide 11 of the SunWise 6-8 Introductory Lesson (PowerPoint) listed above. The video further describes UV radiation and its impact.


Real Player Windows Media Player Quicktime Transcript
The Dangers of Skin Cancer
56K Modem (RM, 5.2MB) (WMV, 2.8MB) (MOV, 0.6MB) HTML, 7KB
Broadband (RM, 9.2MB) (WMV, 16.4MB) (MOV, 5.1MB)
UV Index and Sunscreen, How to Protect Yourself
56K Modem (RM, 5.1MB) (WMV, 2.7MB) (MOV, 0.6MB) HTML, 7KB
Broadband (RM, 9.0MB) (WMV, 16.2MB) (MOV, 4.8MB)
Be SunWise with Children - Cover Up!
56K Modem (RM, 5.7MB) (WMV, 3.0MB) (MOV, 0.7MB) HTML, 7KB
Broadband (RM, 9.9MB) (WMV, 18.0MB) (MOV, 5.4MB)
Sun Safety (A Collaboration of the EPA, SHADE, and WeatherBug) Exit EPA Disclaimer
(WMV, 3.3MB) (MOV, 12.6MB)
Ozone Depletion, Science and Response
Health Effects of UV Radiation
Urban Heat Island Effect

Activity Ideas for Teachers

Adopt the following ideas for your grade level.

Tell a SunWise story...
  • girls wearing hatsUsing sun foolish and sun safe pictures that you get from age appropriate magazines and books.
  • In lower grades, use pictures from the SunWise storybook or activity book to tell a story. (Get them from our publications Web page).
  • Look at the way these girls [boys] are dressed to go outside to play.
  • What have they done to be sun safe? Do you see any sun foolish actions? What do you do to be sun safe?
  • Write an advertisement for the local/school newspaper about being sun safe.
  • Draw a picture of you being sun safe.
Use the SunWise fact sheets as warm-up (reading) exercises.
Use the newspaper as a "scavenger hunt" for SunWise related items:
  • The UV index readings
  • Advertisements for sunscreen/hats/umbrellas/trees
  • Examples/pictures of sun safe and sun foolish behaviors
Student Service Learning / Family Involvement / PTA
  • Organize activities that involve high school students and the community
  • Building shade structures on outside play areas
  • Planting trees for shade
  • Awareness campaigns for outside activities (recreation centers, sports teams, pools)
Educate through Celebration 
  • Don't Fry Day
  • UV Safety Month

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