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Download and Order Publications

EPA has published a number of documents to help you be SunWise, all of which are available for download here. SunWise publications are available in PDF format. If you would like to order hard copies, please use our order form below.

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Download Publications

Title Type
About the SunWise Program
Sun Safety for Kids (PDF) (8pp, 2.1MB) Brochure
The SunWise Program Guide (PDF) (19 pp, 454K) Brochure
SunWise Program Evaluation (PDF) (4pp, 383K) Brochure
Become a SunWise Partner (PDF)  (2pp, 575K) Brochure
SunWise Monitor: February 2010 (PDF)  (12pp, 3.3MB) Newsletter
SunWise Monitor: Spring 2008 (PDF) (8 pp, 1.2MB) Newsletter
SunWise Monitor: Winter 2007 (PDF) (8pp, 1.1MB) Newsletter
SunWise Monitor: Fall 2004 (PDF) (8pp, 361K) Newsletter
SunWise Monitor: Spring 2004 (PDF) (8pp, 556K) Newsletter
SunWise Poster (PDF) (poster, 11" x 17") plus handout sheets for parents and students (5pp, 409K) Poster and handourts
*En español : SunWise póster con folletos para estudiantes y padres (PDF) (poster, 11" x 17") (5pp, 469K) Póster con folletos
It's Never Too Late to be SunWise (PDF) (1pg, 408K) Poster
UV Safety: The Global Solar UV Index (PDF)  (1pg, 109K) Poster
Mission SunWise! (Grades K-3) (PDF) (16pp, 2.2MB) Storybook
*En español ¡Misión SunWise! (Grades K-3) (PDF)  (16pp, 2.2MB) Libro de cuentos
Mission SunWise Activity Book (PDF) (16pp, 2.2MB) Activity Book
*En español : Misión SunWise: Libro de actividades (PDF) (16pp, 2.4MB) Libro de actividades
SunWise Meteorologist Tool Kit (PDF) (1pg, 408K) Activity Kit
Background Information
The Sun, UV, and You: A Guide to SunWise Behavior (PDF) (16pp, 824K) Brochure
A Guide to the UV Index (PDF) (8pp, 1.3MB) Brochure
Summertime Safety (PDF)  (2pp, 325K) Fact Sheet
Sunscreen: The Burning Facts (PDF)  (6pp, 343K) Brochure
Action Steps for Sun Protection (PDF)  (2pp, 145K) Fact Sheet
Health Effects of Overexposure to the Sun (PDF)  (2pp, 80K) Fact Sheet
Shade Planning for America's Schools (PDF) (70pp, 1.0MB) Brochure
Health Effects of Ultraviolet Radiation (PDF) (4pp, 405K) Fact Sheet
On the Trail of the Missing Ozone (PDF) (from the EPA's ozone depletion site (8pp, 1.3MB) Comic Book
Ozone Layer Depletion (PDF)  (2pp, 810K) Fact Sheet
Ozone: Good Up High, Bad Nearby (PDF)  (from the EPA's AirNow Site)  (4pps, 1.3MB) Brochure
Prevent Eye Damage (PDF) (2pp, 1MB) Fact Sheet
Skin Cancer Facts For Your State Fact Sheets
UV Radiation (PDF) (2pp, 119K) Fact Sheet
What is the UV Index? (Includes information on the UV Alert) (PDF) (2pp, 1.5MB) Fact Sheets

Order Publications

You can order free printed copies of some SunWise publications. The order form below sends your request to the National Service Center for Environmental Publications. Visit their website for more information about ordering publications. Your order should arrive in about 10 business days.

Please note: We are temporarily out of stock of all but two of our English publications, below. We apologize for the inconvenience.

Enter the quantity of each SunWise printed publication you want to order. Please observe the quantity limit for each publication. If you need more copies, please contact us at SunWise (sunwise@epa.gov).

International visitors, we are not able to ship printed publications outside the U.S. due to the higher cost of postage. You may download and print the documents listed above.

Quantity Limit Title Type EPA publication number
5 Summertime Safety: Keeping Kids Safe from Sun and Smog Fact Sheet 430F10037
5 Prevent Eye Damage: Protect Yourself from UV Radiation Fact Sheet 430F10038
En español
1 Misión SunWise! (los grados K-3) Libro de cuentos 430K01006
1 Misión SunWise: Libro de actividades Libro de actividades 430K01007
1 SunWise póster - más las páginas con la información para los padres y las actividades para los estudiantes Póster con folletos 430H02002

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