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Jennison-Wright Corporation

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Site Description

The Jennison-Wright Corporation, a 20 acre site in Granite City, IL, is an abandoned facility located in a low income, mixed industrial/residential neighborhood. From 1920 and until 1990, the facility treated wood railroad ties and wood blocks using creosote, pentachlorophenol, and zinc naphthanate. Jennite, an asphalt sealant, was also manufactured on-site.

Current Site Status and Cleanup Actions to Date

  • In 1992, with funding from both the EPA and the Jennison-Wright Corporation bankruptcy sale, the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) took steps to prevent the contamination from spreading. The east boundary of the south portion of the site contains the "Jennite pit" (an on-site disposal pit where creosote wastes were dumped) that had become semi-liquid and begun to migrate off-site. To temporarily alleviate this problem, the overflowing material was removed and stored onsite.
  • In November 1994, IEPA completed the following activities:
    • Installation of a six-foot chain link fence around the area of stockpiled soil and drainage area at the northeast corner of the site;
    • Excavation and disposal of soils around the upright storage tanks and railroad cars;
    • Removal of aqueous waste from the various storage vessels, treatment by oil/water separation, and off-site disposal at a water treatment plant;
    • Removal and disposal of creosote waste material from the storage vessels;
    • Decontamination/dismantling of the storage vessels;
    • Characterization of the material within the drums inside the Transite building and proper disposal;
    • Installation of a protective geomembrane and clay cap over the "Jennite pit".
    • Removal of the contaminated soil in the three cutoff tanks in the south portion of the site and dismantling of the tanks.
  • Subsequent to the Removal Action, the site was finalized on the National Priorities List on June 16, 1996.
  • In September 1999, a Record of Decision (ROD), or cleanup plan, was written by IEPA and signed by the EPA.
  • During Fiscal Year 2002, IEPA completed the demolition component of the cleanup plan.
  • The following activities were completed by summer 2003:
    • Clearing and grubbing of site vegetation.
    • Demolition and removal of all on-site structures including slab foundations.
    • Asbestos abatement.
    • Disposed of and removed two aboveground storage tanks ("AST"s), two underground storage tanks ("UST"s), one oil/water separator and one concrete basin, and their contents to a secure facility.
    • Removed piles of debris containing varying amounts of concrete, scrap metal, wood, and trash.
    • Excavated a limited amount of the drip track residue from the north portion of the site.
  • EPA continues to monitor the site to ensure there is no immediate threat to human health or the environment pending the start of long-term cleanup work.

Current Funding Status

  • In September 2004, EPA allocated $3.6 million to conduct cleanup activities at this site.
  • In November 1994, EPA provided $2 million to IEPA to conduct work at the site.
  • In 1997 and 1998, EPA provided approximately $500,000 to conduct the remedial investigation and feasibility study at this site.

For more information on the projects at this site, please read the Jennison-Wright Corporation Fact Sheet on the Region 5 Superfund Web site.

Key Accomplishments

  • In September 2004, EPA allocated $3.6 million to conduct cleanup activities at this site.
  • EPA and the Illinois Environmental Protection Agency (IEPA) have already completed a number of cleanup activities, including excavation, removal, and disposal of soils, storage tanks, railroad cars, and contaminated materials.


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