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Sapp Battery Salvage
Jackson County, Florida

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Site Description

The Sapp Battery site is located in Jackson County, Florida. From the early 1970s to 1980, the 45-acre site was a salvage operation that recovered lead from spent automotive batteries. Onsite wetlands were visibly impacted by acid runoff from site operations as early as 1977. The site threatens the Floridan Aquifer, the primary drinking water source for nearby residents.

Current Site Status and Cleanup Actions to Date

  • In 1980, EPA constructed site berms to control runoff and also neutralized acid-contaminated water. The Agency placed the site on the National Priorities List (NPL) in 1983.
  • EPA selected the cleanup plan for the site in September 1986. The plan includes solidifying/stabilizing contaminated soils, pumping and treating contaminated ground water, and excavating contaminated sediments in the wetlands.
  • In September 1991, EPA completed the design to address the contaminated soil.
  • The Potentially Responsible Parties (PRPs) completed activities to clean up the lead-contaminated soil in 2001. These activities treated, stabilized or removed 120,000 cubic yards of soil or other solid-based media.
  • In 2004, EPA began designing the ground water cleanup system. Additional site characterization (well installations) and hydrologic studies were performed. A 2007 groundwater data evaluation report recommended installing additional wells, which will be installed during 2008.
  • In 2005, EPA completed designing the cleanup method for the contaminated sediments, which calls for the sediments to be moved off site.
  • During September 2007, EPA started the remedial action (RA) to address the contaminated sediments.

Current Funding Status

  • EPA obligated $2.9 million to start sediment cleanup activities in Fiscal Year 2007.

For more information on this site, please read the Sapp Battery Fact Sheet on the Region 4 Superfund web site.

Key Accomplishments

  • The PRPs have completed excavating, solidifying, and stabilizing lead contaminated soil on-site.

  • In December 2004, January 2005, and July and August 2006, monitoring wells were installed.

  • The remedial design (RD) for the contaminated sediments in the wetlands was completed in 2005, and RA for this work began during September 2007.


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