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American Brass
Headland, Alabama

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Site Description

The American Brass, Inc. (ABI), site is a former secondary brass smelter/foundry facility located in a mostly rural agricultural area of Henry County, AL. The approximately 148-acre site includes 24 acres occupied by the former foundry buildings. Industrial operations took place at the site from the 1960s until 1992. From approximately the mid-1980s until the facility closed, ABI was the subject of several federal and state enforcement actions for violations including the on-site disposal of hazardous waste. Investigations of the site have shown contamination to on-site soils and sediments mainly from heavy metals, boron and polychlorinated biphenyls. Boron, nitrate and ammonia have been detected in ground water at the site. Residential drinking water wells next to the site have not been affected by these contaminants, and EPA continues to monitor them.

Current Site Status and Cleanup Actions to Date

  • EPA conducted several short-term actions in the 1990s that consolidated contaminated soils, furnace bricks, and process wastes before removing them off site.
  • A cleanup investigation and feasibility study and a baseline risk assessment have been completed for the site.
  • EPA selected the final cleanup plan for the site in 2006.
  • In 2007, EPA completed the cleanup plan design for the site?s final remedy, which includes excavation and off-site disposal of the remaining contaminated soils and sediments, backfilling and re-vegetation of the excavated areas, wetlands restoration, monitored natural attenuation of ground water, and the placement of institutional controls.

Current Funding Status

  • In Fiscal Year 2008, EPA obligated approximately $4.5 million for cleanup activities at this site, including excavation and off-site disposal of contaminated soils and sediments.
  • To date, EPA has obligated a total of nearly $9.5 million for cleanup activities at this site.

For more information, please read the ABI site fact sheet (http://www.epa.gov/region4/superfund/sites/npl/alabama/amerbrasal.html) on the Region 4 Superfund web site.

Key Accomplishments

  • Conducted removal actions in the 1990s to remove tanks, structures and equipment as well as liquid waste for off-site disposal
  • Completed the cleanup investigation and feasibility study and selected the final cleanup plan in 2006
  • Funded the construction of the final cleanup plan, which is expected to be completed in 2009
  • Mobilization for the cleanup is planned for November 2008


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