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New Resource Promotes Environmentally Friendly Site Cleanup

EPA is making it easier for developers and other site decision makers to use environmentally friendly cleanup techniques with the Green Remediation Primer, a new document produced by EPA's Brownfields and Land Revitalization Technology Support Center. This primer provides information about green cleanup techniques by outlining the principles of green remediation and describing opportunities to reduce the footprint of cleanup activities throughout the life of a remediation project.

Green remediation promotes the idea that all aspects of environmental protection should be considered throughout the remediation process. With this principle in mind, remedies used to address a contaminated site are built and operated minimizing the negative environmental impact of their implementation.

Among the information included in this primer is the estimate that almost $1.3 billion will be spent to power the five most energy intensive treatment technologies at National Priorities List (NPL or Superfund) sites over the next 22 years. This estimate underscores the idea that strategies to reduce energy requirements are a core element of green remediation.

By developing this primer, EPA seeks to raise awareness of green remediation, explain how remediation fits into EPA's mission to clean up contaminated sites, and provides practical examples - including case studies - for site decision makers. EPA seeks to make green remediation an everyday facet of site cleanup implementation.

View the Green Remediation Primer website


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