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Ten Final, Seven Proposed Superfund Sites Announced

picture of the 68th Street dump

The 68th Street dump

EPA continues to list sites on the NPL and has placed greater emphasis on the urgency of the need for Federal action to address the risks posed by the sites.

Today's fourteen proposed sites were selected primarily on the degree of risk to human health and to sensitive environments. Other factors considered in listing were the level of community and State and local government support for listing; the need to support a strong enforcement program; and whether Superfund involvement can leverage other cleanup resources. Some of the contaminants identified in a preliminary assessment and site inspection are: lead; other heavy metals; and industrial solvents. Many were identified in drinking water supplies, creeks, and rivers. Each EPA Regional Office participated in the nomination and selection of sites to the NPL.

One of the sites being proposed today is the 68th Street Dump in Rosedale, Maryland. This site was used as a landfill for industrial and municipal waste from the 1950s through the 1970s. Surface water flowing through the site is contaminated with polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbons, heavy metals, polychlorinated biphenyls, and volatile organic compounds. Both the community and the State of Maryland support proposing this site to the NPL. Two historical views of the 68th Street Dump show some of the waste at the site.

picture of the 68th Street dump

The 68th Street dump

Today's notice also finalizes 7 sites to the NPL. The Omaha Lead site in Omaha, Nebraska, was proposed in February 2002 because surface soils at residential-type properties were contaminated by air emissions from lead smelters. Lead-contaminated oils have been excavated from 290 properties but other lead-contaminated residential properties, schools, and daycare facilities may pose unacceptable risk to human health and the environment. The citizen group, Lead-Safe Omaha Coalition, and the State of Nebraska support adding the Omaha Lead site to the NPL.


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