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SRI 10th Anniversary

Woolfolk Site

One of many areas made available for public use by the work of the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative.

10-Year Anniversary Site Reuse Spotlight

New recreational facilities for a community. A free, renewable energy source for a local high school. New homes at a premiere skiing location. A pivotal, multi-modal transportation facility. New shopping centers and homes for the elderly. What do all of these great things have in common? They are all legacies of hard-working communities reclaiming Superfund sites.

This July, 2009, EPA is celebrating the 10th anniversary of a very important effort to help communities across the country reclaim Superfund sites ? the Superfund Redevelopment Initiative. Frequently thought of as the "worst of the worst," Superfund sites were seen as liabilities, even imminent dangers. With the help of SRI, communities are realizing the opportunities these properties represent, and bringing down the barriers that have kept many of them vacant and underutilized for decades.

For the past ten years, SRI has been helping communities explore how reuse and cleanup can go hand in hand, resulting in outcomes that benefit everyone. SRI has also provided stakeholders with tools to overcome reuse obstacles. Some of our best lessons learned have come from working with communities and partners who have thought of innovative ways to make lemonade from these lemons, and see opportunities where others see challenges. Whether it?s a new flying field for model airplanes, a new wind farm supplying clean, alternative energy, or a new community garden, we?re committed to working with communities to understand how their site can safely be returned to use.

We are now aware of over 500 sites than have some form of actual or planned reuse and our goal is to work with communities to return 500 more to use. We?ve made making these sites ready for reuse a national goal, and have even implemented performance measures that track our progress. We sincerely believe there is life after Superfund.

For more information visit the SRI web page at http://www.epa.gov/superfund/programs/recycle.

For more information please contact Melissa Friedland at 703-603-8864 or Frank Avvisato at 703-603-8949.

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