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Superfund Success Stories

Metro depot, part of the Dade County rail system.

Cooperation Promotes Effective Cleanup!
Miami Drum Services

Dade County, Florida

The rail system in Dade County, Florida, provided an opportunity for the County and EPA to work hand-in-hand to rid the property of hazardous waste. As a result of cooperative cleanup, more than 50,000 commuters can now depend on Dade County's rail system.
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Redeveloped waterfront industrial site along the Delaware River in Philadelphia.

Waterfront Open for Business!
Publicker Industries

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

After fatal explosions that destroyed the site and presented health risks to local residents, EPA partnered with the State of Pennsylvania to clean up and redevelop the waterfront site to accommodate a docking and shipping port.
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Clean flowing mountain stream somewhere in America.

Drink Up, Clean Water Tastes Great!
Region 1 Drinking Water Program

Working with State agencies and other stakeholders, the primary goal of EPA's New England Drinking Water Program is to provide safe, affordable drinking water.  more....
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Stream running through a Region 2 wooded area within a community neighborhood.

Community Involvement Helps Cleanup!
Region 2 Community Involvement

Superfund's community involvement informs the public of their community's environmental program status, involves them in decision-making processes, and provides an open forum that welcomes all viewpoints on cleanup and redevelopment.   more....
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Aerial view of the redeveloped lake and surrounding area.

Superfund Tackles Sikes Disposal!
Sikes Disposal Pits

Crosby, Texas

This Texas site borders the San Jacinto River, where one billion pounds of contaminated soils were incinerated. With the nearest residence and drinking water well within 1,000 feet of such contamination, and the knowledge that fishing and hunting activities were popular around the site, EPA stepped in and helped clean up the site.   more... (6 pp, 156K, about PDF)
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Stringfellow Site photograph overlooking the mountain range.

Canyon Area Cleanup Going Well!
Stringfellow Site

Glen Avon, California

From 1956 until 1972, the 17-acre Stringfellow site was operated as a hazardous waste disposal facility. Over 34 million gallons of industrial waste, primarily from metal finishing, electroplating, and pesticide production, were deposited in evaporation ponds.   more....
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Image of yellow flowers.

Quality is Never an Accident!
Superfund Contract Laboratory Program

The Contract Laboratory Program's primary service is to analyze substances at Superfund sites to define the nature and extent of contamination, to determine appropriate cleanup actions, and to provide reliable data for enforcement/litigation activities.  more....
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