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Numerous sites are contaminated with asbestos. In the past, EPA regulations have specified that response actions are to be taken when materials containing greater than 1 percent asbestos are present. However, a new policy has been issued which recommends development of site-specific, risk-based action levels to determine if response actions should be taken when asbestos levels below 1 percent are found at a site. Because of this change in policy, managers of Superfund and other hazardous waste sites need a ready source of technical information to inform site decisions.

The EPA Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation has created this Asbestos Compendium of Technical Resources. The Compendium is a useful resource when implementing the Framework for Investigating Asbestos-Contaminated Superfund Sites (PDF) (71 pp, 849K) OSWER Directive 9200.0-68, September 2008. This web-based resource provides site managers with easy access to asbestos-related information, tools, and resources, including:

Basic Information
Frequently Asked Questions About Asbestos Investigation, Risk, Removal, and Remediation
Laws, Regulations and National Policy Directives
Site Characterization
Sampling and Analysis
Risk Assessment
Outreach and Communication
Further Information and Web-Based Asbestos Resources
Glossary of Asbestos-related Terms and Acronyms

For the EPA Asbestos page, click here.