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Risk Assessment

You will need Adobe Reader to view some of the files on this page. See EPA's PDF page to learn more.

Supplemental Guidance on Calculating Screening Levels for Asbestos in Air (4pp, 38K) This document provides supplemental guidance for calculating risk based concentration values for asbestos in air that may be used as screening levels. As described in the Framework for Investigating Asbestos-Contaminated Superfund Sites (PDF), asbestos concentrations in soil may not be used to screen sites out (i.e., to support a no further action decision), although asbestos concentrations in soil may be used to support a response action.

Clarifying Cleanup Goals and Identification of New Assessment Tools for Evaluating Asbestos at Superfund Cleanups (Michael B. Cook – August 10, 2004) OSWER Directive 9345.4-05 (PDF) (4pp, 120 KB). This Superfund policy directive requires EPA Regions to develop risk-based, site-specific action levels to determine if response actions should be taken when materials containing less than 1 percent asbestos are found at a site, and to outline some activities that will assist in evaluating such risk at Superfund sites.

Framework for Investigating Asbestos-Contaminated Superfund Sites (PDF) (71 pp, 849K) OSWER Directive 9200.0-68, September 2008. This document presents a recommended framework for investigating and characterizing the potential for human exposure from asbestos contamination in outdoor soil and indoor dust at Superfund removal and remedial sites. This framework discusses an empirical approach and strategies that are based on the best available science and recommends common industrial hygiene methods for characterizing exposure and risk from asbestos.

Waste and Cleanup Risk Assessment This webpage describes the individual risk assessment approaches that each of EPA's waste and cleanup programs (Superfund, solid waste, chemical accident prevention, and underground storage tanks) have developed to fit their particular regulatory mandates. This webpage also contains a risk assessment glossary and other general-interest risk assessment information.

Revised Draft Asbestos Example RAGS Tables (MS Excel) (.XLS, 139KB) This spreadsheet contains EPA's revised draft asbestos tables of exposure pathways, range of risk-based screening levels from the Framework for Investigating Asbestos-Contaminated Superfund Sites (OSWER Directive #9200.0-68, September, 2008), exposure-point concentrations, values used for daily intake calculations based on a reasonable maximum exposure (RME), residential noncancer oral and dermal toxicity data, cancer toxicity data, calculation of residential chemical cancer risks and noncancer hazards based on RME, and a summary of RME receptor risks and hazards for residential exposures.

Asbestos RBC Calculator (MS Excel) (.XLS, 139KB) This spreadsheet contains EPA's risk-based concentration calculator for asbestos. It includes tables for exposure scenario inputs, exposure scenario less-than-lifetime inhalation unit risk, and risk-based concentration for asbestos in air.

1992 Asbestos Catastrophic Situations Guidance (PDF) (59pp/1.5MB) These guidelines are intended to assist regional, state, and local agencies manage asbestos hazards resulting from catastrophic accidents or disasters, such as earthquakes and hurricanes. The guidelines provide reference information and a review of the experiences of EPA and state enforcement agencies in dealing with asbestos during emergencies.

IRIS Assessment for Asbestos (cancer) This webpage contains EPA's Integrated Risk Information System cancer assessment for asbestos that was last revised on 07/01/1993.

IRIS – schedule for noncancer assessment This webpage allows users to track EPA's progress on the development of a noncancer asbestos assessment, which began on 02/22/2001.

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Five-Year Review Guidance for Asbestos

Assessing Protectiveness for Asbestos Sites: Supplemental Guidance to Comprehensive Five-Year Review Guidance (PDF) (6 pp, 73K) OSWER Directive #9355.7-03B-P October 2009. This guidance provides recommendations for evaluating the protectiveness of a remedy for asbestos contamination at Superfund sites during a five-year review. It is accompanied by a two-page December 3, 2009, transmittal memorandum (PDF) (2 pp, 442K) issued by James Woolford, Director of the Office of Superfund Remediation and Technology Innovation.

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