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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. What benefits can TAG recipients derive from capacity-building organizations?

    Organizations that provide capacity-building assistance may be able to assist TAG recipients by: providing networking assistance with other environmental grassroots organizations; developing communication tools for the TAG recipient to reach the broader community; formulating strategies to ensure the organization is financially sustainable; assisting the TAG grantee with organizational development and strategic planning; and developing ways for the grantee to expand their membership.

  2. How is this assistance provided to TAG recipients?

    The assistance can be provided either online, over the phone or in-person. There are a number of capacity-building organizations that provide pro-bono, capacity-building assistance through their websites. (TAG grants, however, cannot reimburse any expenses associated with capacity-building staff traveling to assist TAG recipients. These expenses would need to be covered by the TAG recipient.)

  3. Are there limitations regarding what TAG funds can be utilized for?

    TAG recipients can request capacity-building assistance from organizations that provide these resources either pro-bono or through a membership fee. TAG recipients should work with their regional TAG coordinators to ensure these membership fees are reasonable and allocable (e.g. specifically related to the TAG work being performed.) Organizations that provide capacity-building assistance through a fee-for-service arrangement (charged at an hourly rate) are not specifically included in this collaboration. If assistance is to be requested from a fee-for-service organization, TAG recipients will need to follow the procurement regulations in 40 CFR 35.4210 to obtain these services.

  4. Are there additional limitations regarding how TAG recipients can utilize grant funding to receive capacity-building assistance?

    TAG recipients cannot utilize capacity-building organizations in regards to actions that would be prohibited under 40 CFR Part 35 or 40 CFR Part 30. For instance, TAG recipients cannot use a capacity-building organization to lobby and the assistance provided by the capacity-building organization should be non-advocacy in nature.

  5. Is there a listing of capacity-building organizations that can assist TAG recipients?

    A detailed listing of capacity-building organizations that provide resources either pro-bono or through a membership fee is available at: http://www.epa.gov/superfund/community/tag/resource.htm#capacity This list of capacity-building organizations is provided for informational purposes only. EPA and the United States Government do not endorse any particular organization or entity.

  6. I am aware of other organizations that provide capacity-building assistance either pro-bono or through a membership fee. Who do I contact to have these organizations added to the list?

    Please contact Robert Shewack (Region I TAG Coordinator) at either shewack.robert@epa.gov or 617-918-1428 to add capacity-building organizations to the existing list. The organization proposed for listing: (a) must have prior experience providing capacity-building assistance to communities impacted by toxic sites; (b) be able to provide assistance either pro-bono or for a membership fee; (c) cannot be listed on the Excluded Parties List (https://www.epls.gov/); and (d) no endorsement is implied.

  7. Additional questions?

    If you have additional questions regarding capacity-building assistance for TAG recipients, please contact your Regional TAG Coordinator. The following link includes the contact information for all Regional TAG Coordinators http://www.epa.gov/superfund/community/tag/contacts.htm.

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