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Advisory Group Formation and Facilitation

TASC helps communities and agencies work together to discuss and resolve challenging environmental issues. We gather information to assess the situation and bring together diverse stakeholders for meaningful discussions. We design meetings so that everyone feels comfortable working together. We help groups reach significant milestones.


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Case Study: Michigan Community Receives TASC Advisory Group Formation and Faciliatation Services

Bay Harbor Community Advisory Group
Petoskey, Michigan


The Bay Harbor Cement Kiln Dust site is on the shoreline of Lake Michigan. Contamination from local mining and cement manufacturing could potentially affect surface water and ground water. EPA Region 5 and the Michigan Department of Natural Resources needed to ask community members for their thoughts on the site’s cleanup. However, the agencies did not have a way to convene the community.

TASC helped EPA and the community establish the Bay Harbor Cement Kiln Dust Regional Stakeholder Group. We conducted community interviews to make sure the group’s membership represented local interests. We organized the group’s meetings and facilitated several group discussions. Through the group, the community has been able to share information and discuss the site’s cleanup on a regular basis.

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