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“TASC has tremendously enhanced the organization’s outreach efforts and increased community participation in the Superfund process.”
- Community representative for the Phoenix-Goodyear Airport Area TASC project

What does EPA mean by “technical assistance”?

Technical assistance refers to the provision of services focused on increasing community understanding of the science, regulations and policy related to environmental issues and EPA actions. Such services are intended to assist communities in having a more informed and influential voice in decisions related to their environmental issues of concern and EPA’s actions. Technical assistance falls broadly into the following areas:

Information Assistance and Expertise 
Consultation and assistance services providing communities with information and explanations of environmental science, regulations, technologies and processes.

Community Education
Community training workshops, symposiums or webinars on specific environmental issues, technical/scientific concepts, regulations and policy.

Information Assistance Needs Evaluation & Plan Development
Assessment of community information assistance and decision-making needs.

Community Infrastructure Support
Support to help everyone work together to participate effectively in decision-making related to environmental issues and EPA actions.

What types of services does TASC provide?

TASC can also provide multiple services to communities over time, as needed, as illustrated by recent projects in Massachusetts and Washington State.

How are TASC services provided to communities?

TASC provides services through a national EPA contract (13 pp, 162K, About PDF). Under the contract, a contractor provides scientists, engineers and other professionals to review and explain information to communities throughout the United States and U.S. territories.

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