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Frequent Questions

Is TASC a grant?

No. TASC services are not a grant. There are no funds awarded to the recipients of the assistance services. TASC provides services only. These services are delivered under a contract which is funded, administered and managed by EPA.

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How do communities contact the TASC program and request TASC services?

Please visit the TASC Assistance Where You Live Web page, locate your state and EPA Region, and contact the appropriate EPA Regional TASC representative. After initial contact, communities submit a request (via email or letter) for TASC services. EPA evaluates all requests for TASC services.

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How will my community know which TASC services to request?

TASC’s Technical Assistance Specialists work with communities to evaluate their educational and technical assistance needs and identify the services that will best address those needs. If your community already has specific technical assistance services in mind, please share that information with your EPA Regional TASC Representative.

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In which parts of the country are TASC services offered?

TASC is a national EPA program. Services are provided across EPA’s 10 Regions, which include all 50 states, tribal nations, Puerto Rico, the U.S. Virgin Islands and the District of Columbia.

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How much will TASC assistance cost?

TASC services are provided at no charge to communities. However, TASC resources are limited, and EPA must consider individual community requests alongside requests from communities across the country.

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Our community received technical assistance services from EPA several years ago, before the creation of the TASC program. Is our community still eligible for TASC services?

Communities that have previously received technical assistance services from EPA through programs such as the Technical Outreach Services for Communities (TOSC) program or the Technical Outreach Services for Native American Communities (TOSNAC) program are eligible to receive technical assistance services from TASC. When contacting your EPA Regional TASC Representative, please make sure to mention the program and type of services the community has received in the past.

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Our community would like to request technical assistance from EPA for a brownfields site rather than a Superfund site. Can the TASC program help us?

No. EPA’s Technical Assistance Services for Brownfields (TAB) Communities Program (PDF) (4 pp, 373K, About PDF) helps guide communities through the cleanup and redevelopment process at brownfields.

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Our community has heard about other technical assistance resources, like TAGs and TAPs. What are they, and how are they different from TASC?

The TASC program is similar to TAGs and TAPs in providing opportunities for communities to receive independent technical assistance.

TAGs (Technical Assistance Grants) are EPA-funded grants available to qualified community groups. Community groups are awarded funds to be used to contract with independent technical advisors to help community members understand technical information related to Superfund site cleanups.

TAPs (Technical Assistance Plans) (29 pp, 376K, About PDF) are potentially responsible party (PRP)-funded arrangements that EPA sometimes negotiates in settlements. TAPs give community groups an opportunity to receive the services of an independent technical advisor. TAP services are funded by PRPs under EPA oversight.

TASC provides a much wider range of assistance than TAGs or TAPs. TAGs and TAPs are limited to specific types of sites. TAGs are only available at Superfund sites and TAPs are only available at sites where the settlement arrangement includes a TAP provision. TASC services may be used for many types of sites and environmental issues across all EPA media programs. In addition, the range of assistance allowable under TASC is broader than it is for TAGs or TAPs. For example, only TASC can provide community trainings.

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Can TASC services be provided to a community that has a TAG or TAP?

Maybe. EPA may provide TASC services to a community group that is a TAG or TAP recipient. However, TASC services only provide assistance that is not available or allowable under the TAG or TAP. Additionally, EPA will likely prioritize TASC resources for communities not eligible for a TAG or without potential access to a TAP.

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Who are the technical advisors and experts that provide TASC's technical assistance?

The technical advisors and experts available through TASC are environmental engineers, scientists, public health specialists and community outreach professionals from private companies and universities.

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How is a TASC community technical advisor selected?

When choosing individuals to provide technical assistance, the TASC contractor consults with both EPA staff and community representatives to understand needs, concerns and requested areas of technical expertise. The TASC contractor then chooses from a pool of staff that includes inā€house employees, a staff of subcontractors and individuals registered in the TASC contractor’s technical expertise database. In cases where appropriate expertise cannot be identified from these sources, the TASC contractor will conduct a search that includes universities, federal agencies and other consulting firms to identify the best possible providers.

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What happens if a community has questions or concerns regarding the technical assistance services provided by the TASC program?

Communities receiving TASC technical assistance services can contact EPA’s Regional TASC representative and the project’s Technical Assistance Specialist to discuss project-related questions or concerns at any time. The TASC program’s top priority is to provide responsive, high-quality technical assistance services that meet each community’s needs. EPA will work with communities to rapidly and comprehensively address questions or concerns and ensure that program services are provided consistently and continuously.   

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Are there activities that are not permitted as part of TASC's technical assistance services?

Yes. TASC resources cannot be used for:

  • Administrative project tasks, such as the creation and distribution of meeting minutes, website updates or advertising for community meetings. TASC resources also cannot be used for document printing or copying.
  • Activities that advocate for a particular constituency, position or outcome. The TASC program is focused on providing high-quality, independent and unbiased technical assistance services to communities.
  • Funding and maintaining websites.
  • Providing food, beverages and/or meals for meetings and events.
  • Funding travel for community members to participate in events such as meetings, training courses and presentations.
  • Providing speaker honorariums or gifts.
  • Providing donations to organizations involved in TASC-related activities.

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How can my community learn more about the Superfund Job Training Initiative (SuperJTI)?

Please visit the SuperJTI program website.

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How long does it take to arrange for TASC support, and is it a complicated process?

The community must make an initial request in writing (via email or regular mail) to the Regional TASC representative. EPA evaluates the community's request based on need and available resources in the Region. Once approved, work can begin immediately. The entire process takes about six to eight weeks on average.

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Does my community have any financial or administrative responsibilities for managing a TASC project?

No. Unlike Technical Assistance Grants, the community does not have to provide financial support or assume administrative responsibilities under TASC.

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