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Data Analysis / Technical Report Preparation

TASC’s Technical Assistance Specialists analyze environmental data and prepare technical reports for communities. The information in the reports helps citizens better understand environmental issues affecting them and allows communities to better advocate for themselves in environmental decision making.


Biomass Plant Photo

Case Study: Technical Report Responds to Community Concerns, Guides Long-term Planning

Preserve Pepe`ekeo Health & Environment Citizens Group
Pepe`ekeo Point, Hawaii


Homes on Pepe`ekeo Point, a former sugar plantation, are near an inactive coal power plant. New plant owners planned to reopen the facility and burn biomass to provide local power. The community was concerned about the facility’s proximity to the homes. Citizens were also uncertain about potential environmental and health effects of its operations.

TASC worked with EPA Region 9 and the Preserve Pepe`ekeo Health & Environment citizens group. We developed a summary of technical information focused on community concerns. It included information on biomass power plant operations, potential environmental and health effects, and best management practices. “We were presented with an objective, educational report that will benefit not only our community, but hopefully all of Hawaii’s energy planning efforts,” the citizens group stated. “With education, we will be able to encourage wise, long-term decision-making for the island.”

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