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Follow-on Services

As communities work on environmental issues over time, TASC is able to provide to provide follow-on services. For example, in situations where new information becomes available, a cleanup project moves into a new stage of activity, or community priorities change significantly, TASC can provide updated tools and resources to meet these needs.


Keith Middle School

Case Study: Massachusetts Community Receives TASC Technical Assistance, Education Support and Outreach Materials

Citizens Leading Environmental Action Network, Inc. (CLEAN)
New Bedford, Massachusetts


The Parker Street Waste site is a former dump in New Bedford, Massachusetts, that is now the location of two schools, athletic fields, homes, apartments and businesses. The community group Citizens Leading Environmental Action Network, Inc. (CLEAN) requested technical assistance from TASC beginning in late 2009.

Since 2009, TASC technical assistance specialists have summarized and provided comments on technical site documents and health assessments. In addition, TASC technical advisors have attended CLEAN meetings and public meetings to provide meaningful outreach and education for the community. TASC also assisted EPA in producing community update fact sheets in English, Spanish and Portuguese to help keep the community informed regarding ongoing cleanup activities at the site. The most recent fact sheets were published in fall 2012.


Community Members Attend Meeting

Case Study: Tribal Assistance in Washington State

Spokane Indian Reservation
Wellpinit, Washington


Midnite Mine is an inactive open-pit uranium mine on the Spokane Indian Reservation in Washington State. Members of the Spokane Tribe have a unique relationship with the land due to their subsistence lifestyle and cultural/spiritual practices, including hunting, fishing, gathering of roots and berries, logging, and sweatlodge and medicinal plant use.

EPA offered TASC program support to the community affected by Midnite Mine in early 2012. TASC provided a review of two technical documents for the community. A TASC technical assistance specialist then attended a public meeting to share more information on TASC services and gather technical assistance requests from the community. TASC staff also attended two technical meetings, summarized these meetings and hosted open calls with the community to discuss the summaries, and delivered a summary of community concerns to EPA. As a result, the community has been able to provide EPA with meaningful, informed input regarding significant cleanup decisions.

A full list of all TASC materials created for the Midnite Mine community are located on the project’s document repository website. Exit EPA Disclaimer

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