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Electronic Resources

Superfund Web Site

A comprehensive Internet resource for information on the Superfund program-catering to all age groups, professions, and audience types. In particular, look at the Community Tools, Site Information Query, What is Superfund?, Technical Resources, Initiatives and Programs, Superfund for Kids, Students and Teachers, Regional Programs, and Frequently Asked Questions buttons-all of these provide you with accurate and user-friendly information to help you understand the cleanup process, hazardous waste sites, and how to get involved with environmental activities in their community.

Regional Superfund Web Sites

Describe the background and cleanup information on the sites in your state.

Superfund Automated Phone System

A phone/fax system providing information on how to get hazardous waste data from several Superfund databases. Some paper products can be delivered immediately to your facsimile machine; other products must be mailed. For free faxed or mailed information, call (800) 775-5037 or (202) 260-8321 at any time.


Internet access to data from four major EPA databases containing information on water-discharge permits, hazardous waste site assessment and cleanup, toxic chemicals and compounds, and hazardous waste management.

LandView III

An easy-to-use, electronic atlas of the United States, available on compact disks. LandView III plots demographic, environmental, and political data at any map scale. For ordering information, contact the Bureau of the Census at (301) 457-4100, 8:30 am-4:40 pm, Eastern, Monday-Friday.


Internet Web site that directs you to more than 100 federally-operated computer resources containing detailed programs, databases, and information. Contact (703) 487-4608, 9:00 am-5:00 pm, Eastern, Monday-Friday.

Clean-Up Information Bulletin Board System (CLU-IN)Exit EPA Disclaimer

A Web site that provides a variety of publications on hazardous waste cleanup.

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