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Superfund Program Implements the Recovery Act

Grants Chlorinated Solvents

Grants, New Mexico

Site Description
The Grants Chlorinated plume site is located in Grants, NM, approximately 80 miles west of Albuquerque.  Ground water contamination at the site was caused by historical practices at a dry cleaner in the city.  Due to changes in its operation, the dry cleaner is no longer contributing to ground water contamination. The site is in a developed area of the city with a mix of commercial and residential properties, which are located above the contaminated ground water.  Several homes in the area have shown evidence of vapor intrusion of chlorinated compounds, primarily tetrachloroethene (PCE) and trichlorethene (TCE).  The approximate area of ground water contamination, with PCE and TCE being the contaminants of concern, is 20 acres.  The shallow ground water is the source of indoor air contamination and possibly a source for future contamination of the deeper ground water, which is the source of drinking water for the City of Grants.

Cleanup Activities to date
EPA placed the site on the National Priorities List in 2004.  In 2006, EPA selected the cleanup remedy for the site, which includes mitigation for vapor intrusion in buildings above the defined plume and aggressive treatment technologies to address shallow and deep ground water contamination. EPA began construction of vapor intrusion mitigation systems in affected homes in March 2009 and projects completing this work by August 2009.   EPA is currently working on the cleanup design for the ground water phase of the project.  

Recovery Act Project Activity
EPA will use the approximately $3.9 million in Recovery Act funds to expedite the construction of the ground water remedy, which includes the installation of wells for enhanced biological treatment, in-situ chemical oxidation and thermal desorption to destroy the chlorinated solvents in the ground water. EPA will be flexible in constructing the individual components of the remedy at the site. Installation of the ground water remedy will eliminate the source of the indoor air contamination and ensure that the vapor mitigation systems currently being installed on 14 houses above the ground water plume function as intended. Installation of the ground water remedy will also protect the source of the area's drinking water by preventing contamination from migrating to the deeper aquifer

The ARRA funded project was completed in September 2010 All work planned under the ARRA task order was completed that included installation of 668 injection wells and a network of 105 monitor wells across the ground water plume. In addition injection delivery system consisting of two trailers was completed. The remedy in the source area is currently under construction funded through regular RA funding. The site is scheduled for construction completion by September 2012.

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