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Superfund Program Implements the Recovery Act

United Metals, Inc.

Marianna, Florida

Site Description
The approximately 180-acre United Metals Inc. (UMI) site is a former battery reclaiming facility, of which approximately 24 acres were used for the facility operations.  The area surrounding the site is mainly agricultural/residential with zoning that allows one residential dwelling per acre.  From 1979 to 1992, UMI recovered lead from batteries and then sent the reclaimed lead off-site for smelting.  EPA has found that lead, antimony, and arsenic are in the site’s soil and ground water at elevated levels.  Ground water contamination above the Maximum Contaminant Level, for lead and cadmium, has spread beyond the north property boundary. 

Cleanup Activities to Date
EPA placed the site on the National Priorities List in 2003.  In 1996, prior to the site’s listing, EPA conducted a removal action that involved off-site disposal of six 55-gallon drums of hazardous material and several hundred gallons of solidified sulfuric acid sludge.   EPA conducted a second removal action in 2006 to treat and implement an off-site disposal of previously excavated and stockpiled soil.  Also in 2006, EPA selected the cleanup approach for the site, which describes the long-term cleanup actions necessary to address the site.

Recovery Act Project Activity
EPA will use the approximately $7.9 million in Recovery Act funds to begin the long-term cleanup action, which includes excavation of the contaminated soil and sediment. After excavation, EPA will treat the contaminated soil and sediment by solidification and stabilization. Treated soil and sediment will be placed in an on-site containment cell. The excavated areas will be backfilled and re-vegetated. EPA will restore the nearby wetlands after the contaminated sediment is excavated. The Recovery Act funds will allow for completion of the soil containment system.

FY2011 highlights include:

  • Cleaning and grubbing of the site is complete and the Battery Plant and Materials Storage buildings have been decontaminated and demolished with the steel sent off-site for recycling. The excavation of contaminated soil and sediment is complete.

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