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Resources for Contaminated Sediment Sites

Making available to EPA staff experts within and outside the Federal government

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Additional Resources

Engineering Technical Support Center (TSC) - NRMRL
Contact: Dave Reisman, 513-569-7588
The Engineering Technical Support Center (TSC) provides site-specific assistance on engineering and treatment issues during any phase of a site cleanup. Focus areas include containment, thermal treatments, soil vapor extraction, bioremediation, and solidification/stabilization. Support is provided for incorporating technology-based data needs in the RI/FS phase and conducting/evaluating site-specific remedy options in the RD/RA and post-construction phases. The center publishes Engineering Bulletins on technologies and site types. The center supports Superfund, Brownfields, and RCRA Corrective Action sites.

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Ecological Risk Assessment TSC - NCEA
Contact: Michael Kravitz, 513-569-7140
The Ecological Risk Assessment Support Center (ERASC) will provide technical and management support and arrange for scientific review and consistency on topics relevant to ecological risk assessment and ecological concerns. NCEA will manage the Center, but it is understood that it will routinely be necessary to access the expertise that is located in various ORD laboratories and centers. The Center Director will arrange for this access as appropriate.

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Monitoring and Site Characterization, Technology Support Center for Monitoring and Site Characterization - NERL
Contact: Felicia Barnett, 404-562-8659
The TSC began in 1987 and specialized in Superfund support to EPA's Remedial Project Managers (RPMs) and On-Scene Coordinators (OSCs). Since 1991, RCRA technical support has been available too. When on-site work is required, the TSC mobilizes specialized teams of field scientists equipped with portable or deployable instruments to aid the Regions with the screening and site-characterization. The diversity of expertise available through the TSC allows them to work with the RPMs and OSCs throughout a site characterization event, i.e., from planning and design to analysis and data interpretation. Often these projects lead to identification of further research needs or development of protocols for experimental or sampling design. Technical Focus Site characterization technologies such as field-portable X-ray fluorescence, Soil-gas Measurement, Geophysics, Special Analytical Services, Quality Assurance, GIS and data interpretation, Geostatistics, Statistical Design, Chemical Analysis, Radiochemical Analysis and Publications.

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Superfund Health Risk TSC - NCEA
Contact: Harlal Choudhury, 513-569-7536
The Superfund Health Risk Technical Support Center (STSC) supports regional and headquarters Superfund risk assessors by reviewing and developing exposure and toxicity factors that allow more accurate quantitative estimates of risk to be developed. Much of the activity is focused on developing new and updated peer reviewed provisional toxicity values that describe dose-response toxicological relationships. External peer review of the provisional toxicity values was initiated in FY1999. The Center also provides user support through the STSC Hotline, as well as onsite expertise reviews. All assistance is provided on a rapid turn-around basis.

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Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM)
Contact: Frank Stancil, 706-355-8100
The goals of the Center for Exposure Assessment Modeling (CEAM) are to develop, maintain, and apply state-of-the-science technical tools including multimedia exposure and ecosystem response simulation models, environmental databases, data analysis packages, tool application strategies, and advanced educational materials in the environmental sciences.

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