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Soil Screening Guidance: Technical Background Document Table of Contents

EPA Document Number: EPA/540/R-95/128
July 1996

Part 1: Introduction
(9 pp, 173K)

  • 1.1 Background
  • 1.2 Purpose of SSLs
  • 1.3 Scope of Soil Screening Guidance
  • 1.4 Organization of the Document

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Part 2: Development of Pathway-Specific Soil Screening Levels
(56 pp, 455K)

  • 2.1 Human Health Basis
  • 2.2 Direct Ingestion
  • 2.3 Dermal Absorption
  • 2.4 Inhalation of Volatiles and Fugitive Dusts
  • 2.5 Migration to Ground Water
  • 2.6 Mass-Limit Model Development
  • 2.7 Plant Uptake
  • 2.8 Intrusion of Volatiles into Basements: Johnson and Ettinger Model

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Part 3: Models for Detailed Assessment
(17 pp, 204K)

  • 3.1 Inhalation of Volatiles: Detailed Models
  • 3.2 Migration to Ground Water Pathway

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Part 4: Measuring Contaminant Concentrations in Soil
(52 pp, 589K)

  • 4.1 Sampling Surface Soils
  • 4.2 Sampling Subsurface Soils
  • 4.3 Basis for the Surface Soil Sampling Strategies: Technical Analyses Performed

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Part 5: Chemical-Specific Parameters
(28 pp, 535K)

  • 5.1 Solubility, Henry's Law Constant, and Kow
  • 5.2 Air (Di,a) and Water (Di,w) Diffusivities
  • 5.3 Soil Organic Carbon/Water Partition Coefficients (Koc)
  • 5.4 Soil-Water Distribution Coefficients (Kd) for Inorganic Constituents

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Part 6: References
(8 pp, 115K)

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A. Generic SSLs
(11 pp, 432K)

B. Route-to-Route Extrapolation of Inhalation Benchmarks
(9 pp, 122K)

C. Limited Validation of the Jury Infinite Source and Jury Finite Source Models (EQ, 1995)
(67 pp, 1.3M)

D. Revisions to VF and PEF Equations (EQ, 1994b)
(18 pp, 140K)

E. Determination of Ground Water Dilution Attenuation Factors
(43 pp, 1.3M)

F. Dilution Factor Modeling Results
(14 pp, 92K)

G. Background Discussion for Soil-Plant-Human Exposure Pathway
(12 pp, 167K)

H. Evaluation of the Effect on the Draft SSLs of the Johnson and Ettinger Model (EQ, 1994a)
(17 pp, 226K)

I. SSL Simulation Results
(27 pp, 151K)

J. Piazza Road Simulation Results
(6 pp, 59K)

K. Soil Organic Carbon (Koc) / Water (Kow) Partition Coefficients
(29 pp, 438K)

L. Koc Values for Ionizing Organics as a Function of pH
(10 pp, 157K)

M. Response to Peer-Review Comments on MINTEQA2 Model Results
(6 pp, 56K)

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