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Examples of Asbestos Contaminated Sites Addressed Through the Superfund Program

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The following are examples of asbestos-related sites cleanups. Some are the result of abandoned mining or factory operations, disposal sites with asbestos-containing building materials, or disturbances of naturally-occurring asbestos. Although the list below includes some examples of sites on the National Priorities List, it also includes others that are not on the NPL. The examples listed below include sites with different source materials, varied distribution asbestos in the environment and various potential exposure pathways. Each site is unique and may pose different challenges to the site team addressing the asbestos contamination. These examples are provided to illustrate the range of sites where asbestos is addressed and what approaches were taken for different conditions. As source materials site conditions and potential exposure routes vary between sites, the specific approaches taken at each site will vary.

Superfund Responses at Sites with Improper Disposal/Management of Asbestos Containing Materials

Illinois Beach State Park, Zion, IL
Torch Lake Superfund Site, Houghton, County, MI*
Ambler Asbestos Piles, Ambler, PA
BoRit Asbestos, Ambler, PA*
Carter Carburetor Superfund Site, St. Louis, MO*
North Ridge Estates Superfund Site, near Klamath Falls, OR*
Johns Manville Corp., Waukegan, IL
Powhatan Mining Company (POWMINCO) Site Powhatan, MD

Superfund Responses at Sites with Former Mining sites

Clear Creek Management Area, San Benito and Fresno Counties, CA

Superfund Responses at Sites with Vermiculite

Northeast Minneapolis Tremolite Asbestos Site, Minneapolis, MN
Libby Asbestos Site, Libby, MT*

Superfund Responses at Sites with Naturally Occurring Asbestos Sites

Atlas Asbestos Mine, Fresno and San Benito Counties, CA
Coalinga Asbestos Mine, Fresno County, CA
El Dorado Hills, El Dorado County, CA
South Bay Asbestos Area, Santa Clara County, CA
Sumas Mountain Asbestos Site, Whatcom County, WA

*NPL Superfund Site

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