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Quality Assurance Technical Support Contract

This Quality Assurance Technical Support (QATS) Contract provides quality assurance technical support to the Superfund Program through the Analytical Services Branch (ASB). Specifically, the QATS contractor provides the Superfund Program with Performance Evaluation Samples that are used to determine the accuracy of analytical data. Furthermore, the QATS contractor provides Tape and Data Package Audits of analytical cases in order to verify that the data has adequate documentation to scientifically support the analytical results. The QATS contract has the following task areas:

  • Development, distribution, and scoring of Performance Evaluation Samples and Reference Materials.
  • Tape and Data Package Reviews for contractual compliance and technical acceptability.
  • Laboratory On-Site Audits to assist in the technical assessment of a laboratory's analytical performance. 
  • Analytical methods development and evaluation. 
  • Development and testing of new or revised quality control procedures. 
  • Development and review of quality assurance guidelines or plans. 
  • Statistical evaluation of analytical data and development of models of analytical performance.
  • Other quality assurance related activities.

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